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  ProdID: 970 - Chicken LittleDirector:Disney Product Score: 8.1 
Chicken Little

Price : $34.99
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Available : May 2006

Experience an outrageous world of breathtaking action in Disney's hilarious new movie Chicken Little. The sky's the limit for laughs and adventure!

When the sky really is falling and sanity has flown the coop, who will rise to save the day? Together with his hysterical band of misfit friends, Chicken Little must hatch a plan to save the planet from total annihilation and prove that the world's biggest hero is a little chicken.

DVD Special Features:
    •  Backstage Disney
    •  Deleted Scenes: Including Alternate Openings
    •  Hatching Chicken Little: The Making of The Movie
    •  Games & Activities: "Where's Fish?" Trivia Game
    •  Music & More: Karaoke and Sing Along
    •  The Cheetah Girls Music Video
    •  Barenaked Ladies Music Video
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kymmage   Review #9379 - Dated: 27th of August, 2013
  Author: kymmage

We recently got this movie to add to our collection. I remember Chicken Little as a little story about a chicken who is hit in the head by a pine-cone or something and thinks the sky is falling. Then he runs around and convinces everyone else in the story that the sky is falling as well. I wasn't too sure what to expect from this movie.

The story follows Chicken Little who is a bit of a nerd. He has a tight group of friends, but he is made fun of because he finds some space debris and no one believes it came from the sky. There is a strained relationship between him and his dad, and quite a bit of therapy babble going on about closure and open dialogues. The thing is, I'm not sure how many dads are actually like this anymore. Maybe it's just me, but its a bit overdone.

Aside from that the adventure, space and aliens and the kids fighting to save the planet is engaging and fun. There were a lot of laughs to be had and the comedy moments were funny for young and old. The ending was satisfying, including the restoration of the father/son relationship. My daughter laughed heaps throughout and found the ending a hoot. We have watched this several times since getting it and it seems to keep her entertained.

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mizim   Review #6173 - Dated: 7th of August, 2012
  Author: mizim

My three year old daughter loves this film, she'll happily watch it everyday if I was to let her. And, I'm more than happy too.

It has a great message for both child and parent. For the child, know more about what you're about to say happened because you never know the effect it will have. And parents, doesn't matter what you child says, if you don't believe them then who will? And how will it affect your relationship in the long run?

This movie is fun for all ages, some comedy aimed at the children, and of course, little add ins and jokes along the way that only the parents would understand. With a great soundtrack and a great moral to the story, this is one I would recommend that you watch.

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vivid   Review #1257 - Dated: 22nd of May, 2006
  Author: vivid

As a kid I was raised on the classic fairytales, full or morals and hidden meanings and messages, grown from the fertile imaginations of the master storytellers, before Hollywood snapped them up to churn out the pap we call entertainment these days. One of the tales that stuck in my head the most was the original tale of Chicken Little, riddled with such pearls of wisdom as "Be certain you have all the facts before you start squarking your beak."
Well, this version is a little bit of a twist on that old tale. I don't recall the original having aliens in octopoid robot suits, chameleonic spaceships, or psychologically-traumatised bonsai chickens secretly in love with buck-toothed ducks. But it still carries a good moral message, this time aimed at parents: "Be supportive of your kids, 110%, even if you think they are wrong."
Full of action, comedy (including some tongue-in-cheek adult-level jokes), thrills and spills, and the odd heartstring-tugging moments, this is a great movie for the whole family to enjoy. The PG rating is quite appropriate, as there are some moments the wee ones might find a bit scary, but it's all done is such an over-dramatic fashion they will easily accept that it couldn't possibly happen to them.
My sprog and I both loved the ending, even though it only highlights how the media and Hollywood can take the smallest thing and blow it up to epic proportions, full of utter cheese, but it was still a great laugh. One of the best family movies we have seen in a long time.

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