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  ProdID: 7864 - Nicketty-Nacketty Noo-Noo-NooAuthor:Joy Cowley Product Score: 9.5 
Nicketty-Nacketty Noo-Noo-Noo

Price : $17.99
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Available : February 2018

There once was an ogre called Gobbler Magoo
who lived in a swamp where wild weeds grew,
and captured a maker of good tasty stew.
Nicketty-nacketty, noo-noo-noo.

This is a light-hearted original tale by award-winning NZ author Joy Cowley. Young readers will laugh at Gobbler Magoo's bad behaviour and ill-temper, and will cheer when his captive gets her gluey revenge!

Beautifully illustrated by Trace Moroney.
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kelly21   Review #19475 - Dated: 25th of March, 2018
  Author: kelly21

Being an earlly childhood teacher I am always interested in what books are available to read to the tamariki at my centre. When Nicketty Nacketty Noo Noo Noo came up for review I just had to try my luck at receiving a copy. The day that a KIWIreviews parcel arrives at work the tamariki know what they are and always want me to open it in their presence to see if we have been lucky enough to receive a new book. They were so excited to see this book in my latest parcel and requested that I read it straight away. Within seconds they had all gathered on the mat and were ready to listen.

"It looks like Little Red Riding Hood in the forest" one child called out, admiring the picture on the front of the book. This began a raft of predictions as to what will happen within the book. Excited to see if any of them were right we began to read the book. Joy Cowley has always been a favourite author by many people in New Zealand, I don't think any of her books have ever disappointed. And this is another good one on the list. The children all listened intently, other than repeating the words "Nicketty-Nacketty Noo-Noo-Noo" each time I signalled that they were in the story. The children couldn't believe the ogre, he was nasty and shouldn't have taken the girl was the thoughts of all of the children. They then decided that he deserved the stew full of glue and were pleased the girl managed to go home safely. I'm not quite sure what the words nicketty-nacketty noo-noo-noo have to do with the story, other than adding in a little repetitive part that the children are able to join in with. Over the coming days this story was requested a few times, as we have a number of children who enjoy ogre's and monsters so they wanted it again!

Value for Money
Personal Choice
sassy121   Review #19453 - Dated: 22nd of March, 2018
  Author: sassy121

Growing up I had a love for reading and would spend the majority of my spare time with my nose stuck in a book. This has not changed I still love to read when I get the chance, and have passed my passion for reading down to my three young children. When I saw that KIWIreviews had some new children's books available to review I had a look and instantly fell in love with the look of "Nicketty-Nacketty Noo-Noo-Noo."

When I received my copy of the book I was thrilled and quickly got my daughter to come and read it with me. The cover is vibrant in colour and my sight was immediately drawn to the person in the centre of the cover. This story is written by Joy Cowley, a well-known New Zealand author, and I have enjoyed her books in the past so was expecting to enjoy this one also. We started to read the story and we were getting immersed in the rhyming and vivid illustrations. My daughter said once we had finished reading that she thinks the book is trying to teach children to be nice and use their manners, otherwise something unpleasant will happen to you just like what happened to the ogre. This book has quickly become a favourite bedtime story for my daughter.

This book is a delight to read and I believe that it would be an ideal story for children of all ages. I personally believe that its underlying message is about kindness and manners, the illustrations really make the story come alive and helps with the imagination.

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