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  ProdID: 6237 - The Strain - Season OneType of Show: Horror Product Score: 8.5 
The Strain - Season One

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American horror drama starring Corey Stoll and David Bradley.

When a plane lands at John F. Kennedy Airport with no lights on and the doors sealed shut, Dr Ephraim Goodweather (Stoll) and his team of epidemiologists are consulted and asked to investigate. When they discover that 206 of the 210 passengers on board are dead, the four remaining survivors are their only hope of finding out what happened on the plane.
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mizim   Review #13565 - Dated: 23rd of February, 2015
  Author: mizim

Having a new Sci-fi only channel is a great thing and when my husband saw this he really wanted to watch it so we set it to record and today we finally caught up and finished the first season.

Eff works for the CDC, who look at new viruses, diseases etc and tries to prevent them from spreading etc. A plane lands and naturally, with almost all dead he and his team are called in. Soon though, bodies dissapear, a mysterious man with a big warning enters the scene and they all discover that this is one heck of a virus that they are dealing with. Seeing how horror is coming back on to the small screen I was interested to see how this would go and translate as a TV series.

The acting in this is rather well done, especially by the young boy who played Zack, very well done. There were moments when it didn't quite feel right, I mean with the amount of videos that are uploaded, the information shared every second, how could things go unnoticed so much... Signs of looting but no authorities, no cops etc. Other than that... it was well done and the way the virus effects them etc... The ending was well done and I hear they are confirmed to make a second season so I can't wait to see just what is going on.

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