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  ProdID: 5970 - Chocolate CheesecakeProduced bySara Lee Product Score: 9.8 
Chocolate Cheesecake

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We've been making our desserts in Lisarow NSW for over 40 years now.

All our recipes combine generous amounts of the vest best ingredients - from Australia wherever possible. We use fresh eggs and our fresh cream comes from specially selected Australian diaries. We only use Australian flour and the best seasonal fruits we can find.

Made from scrath, our Chocolate Cheesecake combines fresh cream, real Neufchatel cheese, layers of dark chocolate sauce and a delicious high sided biscuit base.
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aftermidnite   Review #14862 - Dated: 13th of September, 2015
  Author: aftermidnite

Yum Yum Yum Why have I never tried this before.
I was having one of those "need something sweet" moments and was on the look out for some thing new when I spotted this at my local new world in woolston, it was on special with one of those new world club cards so I thought id bite the bullet and give this a go.
When I got this home I left this in the fridge to defrost a little while I prepared and cooked dinner for the family and friends that I had coming over for dinner later in the afternoon.
After a successful dinner we waited about a hour till after the main course had its time to settle :)
The portion size when opened I found was the little on the small side for the amount of guests I had for tea, but I had made a fresh fruit salad to go with it,
It was given to the guests who had nothing but nice things to say about the cheesecake, it was smooth and creamy with a sprinkle of chocolate over the top with a yummy tasty base it was a hit.
I have since bought this in a few of the other flavours and they too have been just as good, so I totally recommend this for others to try :)

Value for Money
Visual Appeal
shellcruise   Review #12877 - Dated: 24th of November, 2014
  Author: shellcruise

I have only just been introduced to the world of 'cheesecakes' and am only just experiencing the different varieties and flavours out there. We were having a small dinner and needed something to push it over the edge and my girls suggested a dessert. Looking thru the huge choices we decided on going for whatever was on special and luckily they were having a sale.

I did not read what was required beforehand and ended up kicking myself. It belongs in the freezer and you need to cut off how much you require and put in the fridge for an hour so it slowly defrosts itself. Having a late dinner the girls did not have time to have this for dessert and instead my husband and I ate last night while watching a movie.

It is really easy to cut, even though it is frozen. We put our less than quater slices in the fridge. It suggests smoothering it in cream so thats what I did and included some marshmellows just to tip it over. I was a little worried it was going to be frozen but it was perfect. The spoon sliced right through without a problem and tasted devine. It was so yummy but yet very filling. A little actually goes a long way. We both really loved it and the girls are insisting they have some tonight.

I think it will be a regular addition to our freezer as long as its on special. This is the sort of thing you would happily serve your friends and not be embarrased about. Yummmmmm.

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