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  ProdID: 597 - Juicy Fruit - CitronicManufactured byWrigleys Product Score: 9.0 
Juicy Fruit - Citronic

Price : $0.70
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Available : almost everywhere chewing gum is sold

Juicy Fruit Citronic - it's citrusly twisted!
Value for Money
Personal Choice
Tucker   Review #744 - Dated: 30th of May, 2005
  Author: Tucker

Having once been a smoker, and needing that chewing to halt the craving, I became quite a chewing-gum buyer for a while... and after a while it just loses it's appeal... as much as I hated walking down the road leaving a smoketrail like a stntplane, I hated looking like the results of a genetic breeding experiment between a human and a cow with bruxomania.

However, recently I was off to visit a friend and noticed my breath was a little 'garlic bread' scented... so was searching the chuddy display when the service station attendant pointed out the newest flavour. "I'm hooked myself, it's just brilliant." So I bought a pack and popped a pellet in my mouth. 3 chews later I was reaching for my spare change and bought 2 more packs on the spot.

This is just a great flavour for those who are getting tired of the sweet fuzzy feelings you get from a lot of such products. This is really something new and nifty.

Overall, a winner! Even much better than the sister-flavour, Strappleberry.

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