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  ProdID: 596 - Band-Aid Liquid BandageBrand:Band-Aid Product Score: 6.8 
Band-Aid Liquid Bandage

Price : $10.00 +/-
Supplier :
Available : at pharmacies and supermarkets

Introducing BAND-AID® Brand Liquid Bandage, the only BAND-AID® product that is applied as a liquid and quickly dries to form a clear and flexible seal over the wound to stop minor bleeding.

This no-sting liquid bandage creates the ideal environment for wounds to heal. It keeps out water, dirt and germs and helps prevent infection.

    •  1 bottle of liquid
    •  5 activator swab sticks
Personal Choice
Tucker   Review #743 - Dated: 29th of May, 2005
  Author: Tucker

OK, to cut it to the core, this is a brilliant product with an amazing array of uses. 4 drops of the liquid onto one applicator/activator, because it's a 2-part compound, mixed on the stick just prior to application, and you are set. -wipe wipe- and you're done, throw the stick away.

However, for only 5 portions, the price I paid at $9.95, made these 5 alternate 'sticky plasters' a bit expensive. If there was room in the price to slide a few more of the sticks into the packet, it would be a much better buy. As steep as the price is, this is still a great product, no arguments.

My son wasn't paying attention and got his finger caught in the doorjamb. Some broken skin and a bit of blood, and one stickyplaster later he was on his way... however water and stickies don't agree... so when it was time for plaster to come off for hand-washing, it was replaced by this product... wonderful and highly effective.

Simply grab on of the little pouches and extract the applicator/activator... a small plastic stick with a tiny foam pad attached to one end. -drip drip drip drip- from the bottle, and wait 10 seconds. Gently swiped over the cut and damaged areas of the little man's injury and, grizzle- and squawk-free moments late and his finger was now water-proof again.

That one application lasted 18 hand washes, a shower and 3 days of wear and tear before a reapplication was required. It has been just over a week now, the wound has healed rapidly, free from infection of water-damage, and is mostly pain-free too. It has even got a soft scab, meaning reduced tissue damage and scarring.

Overall, this is a product who's time has well and truely arrived. Even at this price, it would be worth having a box in the first-aid kit or cupboard at home. It will come in handy when you most need it and nothing else will do the job.

User Comments
u only think its great until u try it. I put some over my scab, skin grew over it, and now i have an ugly plastic looking area on my face. the only way te get rid of it is to peel off my skin and retry. *cries*

Great Idea so bought one for the cabinet. Used it once. several months later needed it and it was rock hard.
Never again. For that price it should last even when opened. I threw it away. Later someone told me the shelf life is not long so don't buy it unless you intend to use it quickly.

I have sensitive skin that reacts badly with most sticking plaster. I found this product to be exceptionally good. I had not bad reaction, and upon application found that the protection it gave me reduced the pain immediately. I have found this product particularly good on fingers and hands, as it withstands the normal amount of handwashing any woman does for a number of days. It can easily be removed with the application of baby oil and a small amount of rubbing if needed.


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