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  ProdID: 5587 - My Book of JokesAuthor:Bronwen Davies Product Score: 10.0 
My Book of Jokes

Price : $9.00
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Available : July 2014

What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence?
Time to get a new fence!

A perfect first book of jokes for all young comedians.
Value for Money
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ktcat   Review #12130 - Dated: 24th of July, 2014
  Author: ktcat

How to start on a book that is simply worth full marks in every way?! My four year old son has just got into telling jokes. His jokes are made up and hilarious to him (but not to others!). When I saw that My Book of Jokes was up for review, I requested it and hoped I would be chosen to review it. Luck was on my side and it was in my pile to review. I was not disappointed when I opened the book. It seems to that the perfect mix of colours, illustrations, book size, font etc for a young joke teller. The bold colours in the illustrations stand out really clearly and enhance the text on each page. The jokes are varied and interesting. A few of them were above my son's head but mostly they were ready for him to enjoy now. A bit of room for growth too as he starts to understand and make sense of the other ones. We have enjoyed a number of readings of the book together already. The book has allowed for a lot of interaction between my son and me as we read it. Laughing together is a great way to spend special time with my son.

The font used in the book, uses the formation of the letter 'a' that is taught to children in schools and therefore makes it perfect for a young reader. At my son's kindy, the letter of the week this week is "J". My son is going to take if for news to share tomorrow morning!

The price of the book makes it a very good option for presents for friends and family. I like to keep presents for other children to a maximum of $10 but still get something of quality and fun for the child. This fits into all my criteria.

We can now have funny jokes shared in our house and I believe that it is a book that my son will treasure for a long time. It will be revisited on a regular basis.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
rekebum   Review #12119 - Dated: 23rd of July, 2014
  Author: rekebum

I love this book! My Book of Jokes is great for the kids! I love the illustrations, they are modern and cool, bright and colourful. Fantastic for grabbing kids attention. Me and Mr Two went through the book pointing out the pictures and admiring the very well illustrated book, he loved the animals!

Mr 6 thinks this book is perfect, he is going through a phase of trying to be a comedian so it will be great to have some variety to the three jokes we've endured endlessly. His favourite joke from My Book of Jokes is "What do you call a dinosaur with one eye?" The answer being " "Doyouthinkhesaurus" he has been giggling about this and text his Dad to let him in on the joke.

I see this becoming a fun book pulled out to impress any visitors, he has requested to take it to school to show his class so he can do that tomorrow. I'm sure they will all have a bit of fun and get some great laughs out of it although I don't envy the teacher one bit. It is great to see the kids get pleasure from books and actually show interest in wanting to read them. Miss 8 had a look through but she is far to cool at the moment for silly jokes, but Mr 6 is very happy with it and Mr 2 likes looking at the pictures. Awesome Book.

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