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  ProdID: 5326 - Parrot Flower Power SensorBrand / Manufacturer :Parrot Product Score: 8.0 
Parrot Flower Power Sensor

Price : $99.00
Supplier :
Available : via Online and Retail Stores

Monitor your plants' health directly from your smartphone!

Parrot Flower Power is a sensor that you place in the soil close to your chosen plant(s), indoors or outdoors, in a pot or in the soil. It precisely measures, in real time, the parameters that are crucial to the growth and good health of your plants - soil moisture, fertilizer levels, ambient temperature and light intensity.

If the growth factors vary outside of predefined limits, you will receive an alert direct to your smartphone. The parameters are set in a database of more than 6,000 plants, trees and vegetables - more than 2,00 species!

What's in the pack:
    •  1 Sensor
    •  1 battery
    •  Flower Power Quick Start Guide

Available colours:
    •  Blue
    •  Brown
    •  Green

System Requirements:
    •  Device running Apple iOS
    •  Bluetooth Smart 4.0 (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad Mini & 5th Gen iPod Touch)
Ease of Use
Personal Choice
haykay   Review #12722 - Dated: 20th of October, 2014
  Author: haykay

I was introduced to the 'Flower Power' through this review and up until I saw this up for review did not know anything like this existed. I have a love of plants but they do not always have a love for me. Especially the plants inside which get forgotten and can quite often look quite sad.

In receiving this I quickly got out the instructions so that I could download the appropriate app. Finding the right instructions in English proved to be a challenge. There seemed to be every language on this tightly folded piece of paper and it took a bit to get my head around the flow of the instructions. I would of loved for the English to be very clearly labelled.

After working out what seemed to be very straight forward instructions I downloaded the app and had a thorough look through the options. I worked out that I needed to load a plant (from a large database of plants) and place the device next to that plant. I learned that registering a plant it takes 24hrs to download information (which I found to be a long time - however the phone did not need to be by the device during this time)

I choose an indoor plant first as I have a very special plant that I so often forget to water and hubby has had to save many a time. After the initial 24hrs, on return home it alarmed me to water my plant, it did not have fertiliser info for this plant however was keen to tell me that it need more sunlight. Obviously this was working as I kept watering when it told me and this plant has never looked so healthy.

I then moved this device to the vegetable garden outside, I had read somewhere that it could be used outside as well but could find this nowhere on the packaging or instructions. Obviously with vegetables being in the database of plants it would be ok with my tomatoes. Once again 24hrs later it was keen to tell me that it needed water and fertiliser. Great I thought, however what fertiliser was a mystery as it did not tell me. After looking back in the database I took the gamble that a tomato fertiliser would do and it seemed to keep the app happy.

Although this is an expensive device, I do like how you can use it with more than one plant at the same time. Eg you can move the device from plant to plant to gather information. I could see this being of benefit for me for keeping an eye on the fertilisers. I would love for it to tell you what fertiliser it is lacking as the question I asked 'what is it actually testing for it to tell you it is missing fertilisers?' My indoor plants are going to love me as even if I just keep this device on one of the plants inside it will remind me to water all my indoor plants at the same time.

This device has really got me talking amongst friends/family and work colleagues and we could see many of our plants benefiting from this. One word of warning 'make sure you set the alarm to either silent or at specific times as the last thing you want your phone doing is reminding you in the middle of the night that your plants need watering' :-)

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