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  ProdID: 5297 - Nestle MeltsBrand / Manufactured by:Nestle Product Score: 9.4 
Nestle Melts

Price : $4.99
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Available : online and selected stores

If you are baking with the kids, you will love Nestle Melts. They are designed to be easy to melt, and quick to set, making them perfect for dipping, coating, moulding, or icing. Nestle Melts come in three variants - Milk, Dark, and White, so you can pick whatever flavour takes your fancy.
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melissaandchloe   Review #14617 - Dated: 8th of August, 2015
  Author: melissaandchloe

I love baking and always seem to resort to choosing recipes with chocolate in them more often then not. It is often hard to find good quality baking and cooking chocolate that holds it shape and doesn't melt in the cooking process, but will melt nicely when you are wanting to use it for melting purposes. Due to my struggle in the past of not being able to find a suitable cooking chocolate that fits my needs I have been known to buy blocks of cadbury and Whitakers chocolate from the confectionery isle to use instead.

After having tried all of the products in the Nestle Melts range I have to say I am VERY pleased with the results which were outstanding. Milk, white, and dark chocolate makes life easy as there is no need to look at other brands knowing the 3 popular chocolate variants are available here.

I have used these melts in so many different ways and find them extremely versitile and easy to work with. I have melted them without any effort over a pot of simmering water, where I found that the milk and dark melt in no time at all but the white do require a little bit longer, though the chocolate once melted results in a beautiful and smooth, glossy texture I choose to add a few drops of oil to it as I find it stays in liquid form just a little longer, which is helpful when doing those fiddly tasks like colouring the chocolate, dipping strawberries or putting the chocolate into moulds to make your own chocolate treats. Other than for melting purposes I have used the melts in many baking recipes cookies, muffins and cupcakes to name a few, they always provide a lovely rich taste and hold there shape perfectly. The melts also make a perfect chocolate sauce for pouring over ice cream when mixed with cream and melted over the stove top.

The only thing I would have wanted to recommend to nestle about these is the size which is quite big for some recipes where chocolate chips are called for, however recently I have noticed that nestle has brought out chocolate bits which are the perfect size for these moments, and if you don't have these on hand then the chocolate melts are easy enough to cut up smaller. Definetely one of the best tasting chocolate baking products I have used in a long time and will be using again, though they are a little bit pricey.

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tessak   Review #10884 - Dated: 22nd of March, 2014
  Author: tessak

[pic^https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/t1.0-9/p417x417/1800232_10202447862970566_222904363_n.jpg^pic] I do a lot of baking, and one of my most favourite things to make is truffles. Friends and family often ask me to make them truffles as gifts, and when this happens, I can some-times be making some 7-10 dozen truffles at a time. It is important that I use good quality ingredients, but also important that the ingredients I do use, are easy to use, not overly expensive, and not time consuming to use.

Nestle Melts fits that bill. The final stage in my truffle making is the decorating/coating stage. I need good quality chocolate melts, that melt quickly and set just as quick. They need to be smooth when melted, as well as taste good too. And of course I need a variety, from dark to white chocolate. And I get all this with Nestle melts. It is great to be able to coat all my truffles within minutes, and know that they will set quickly and be able to be moved into bags quickly, especially when making a lot of them.

They come in three great variants - milk choc, dark choc, and white choc. I always use the Nestle white choc melts. I have tried other white chocolate brands, but have found that they are often to thin and the white looks kind of watery when set, but the Nestle ones are nice and white and thick chocolate when set. And of course, it all tastes good. Nestle melts are the perfect addition to any baking, and the perfect final addition to my truffle making.

Oh and lets not forget that the price is well worth it too, ranging from $3.50 to $5.00 depending on where and when purchased. The bags are easy to open, and easy to store, and the instructions on the back of the pack make it easy to know how to use, if you do not already know of course! Yep Nestle melts - Two thumbs up from me for sure.

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