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  ProdID: 5093 - You're NextDirected byAdam Wingard Product Score: 8.0 
You're Next

Price : $29.99
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Available : January 2014

You're Next is a 2011 American horror film directed and edited by Adam Wingard on DVD.

One of the most terrifying films in years, You're Next puts a fresh twist on home-invasion horror. When a gang of masked, axe-wielding murderers descend upon the Davison family reunion, the hapless victims seem trapped...until a mysterious guest of the family (Sharni Vinson) proves to be the most talented killer of all.
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shellcruise   Review #16910 - Dated: 2nd of September, 2016
  Author: shellcruise

Although a tad predictable, it is still a really enjoyable horror movie with a good tense factor to it. I found the story line plausible and the acting was really good. I enjoyed the family dynamics and it seemed very realistic especially the part where the siblings are arguing during the dinner time. My only issue would be with the casting of the parents as they seem way to young to have four grown children and then also to be celebrating there 35th wedding anniversary they must of had their kids when they were like twelve.

I did enjoy the camera shots to begin with and liked seeing things from different angles and I even commented to my husband about it especially the pouring of the drink in the opening scene. That was, right up to the point when they started killing people and then the camera became to shaky and blurry and you lost a lot of the action as it was hard to see sometimes with the extreme close ups to everything. Also, I hate movies where they run around outside in the dark as it limits your vision and can not see everything that is happening, although thankfully this only happened on a couple of occasions with this movie.

I didn't entirely find the background story of Erin to be very believable and was a tad over the top for my liking, her survival skills could of been explained better but for what was about to go down it worked. It was nice to hear the Australian accent amongst Americans - even if she did drop it on occasions, which is funny considering she really is Australian. It was also amusing hearing about the fighting Kangaroos even if it is such a stereotype.

I did like the ending and enjoyed the 'selfish' explanation for the events of the night. It also explained why Erin was not killed earlier as there were numerous opportunities for it to have happened. The ending credits need to be mentioned as having the actors dead mug shots was a great way to end the movie. All and all really not a bad movie and one I could happily watch again.

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mizim   Review #10482 - Dated: 1st of February, 2014
  Author: mizim

I got this to review, and as usual, when I get to send in a request I always make sure to add one horror/thriller movie for the husband.

You're Next starts off with your typical horror movie cliches, people living in secluded house, ones comes down to find the other dead and is murdered also. Then we have a family reunion that steadily goes from bad (siblings arguing) to worse, people wearing freaky looking animal masks suddenly start killing off people in the house. There are plenty of cliches in this movie but it still managed to give us a surprise near the end of the movie.

There is some gore to this movie, not too bad considering, but you get the bucket loads of blood everywhere deaths, and there are a couple of shocker ones where you don't see it coming. We thought that they were going to have the mum suffer a bit more, the way they set her character up, but there was no psychology to this movie, it was simply just a 'let's kill everyone' film. I have to say that I was glad it was a lead female and she hardly screams, and when she does it is genuine not a faked scream.

The blurb on the case promises that she isn't who she seems but when we find out about her past it just kind of fell flat and felt a bit, well, lame for want of a better word. We worked out the basics of the plot right from early on, we just blamed the wrong person for the first part of the movie (till they got injured) and then we blamed the right person but they did so well that we completely forgot to question where one of the characters was, thus our surprise. And the ending had us going 'what the heck!' in a good way.

Not unlike other movies in its genre but done well and so I can see us watching it again,

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