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  ProdID: 5034 - The Bling RingDirected by Product Score: 9.5 
The Bling Ring

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For LA teenagers, Rebecca, Nicki, Sam, Chloe and Marc it's just not enough to admire their favourite celebrities and all that they have. Obsessed with fashion, fame and the glamorous life of their heroes, the group wants to get their hands on their idol's stuff. Tracking their favourite celebrities online - Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom - the teens break into each of their homes and steal their designer clothes and possessions. It's a dream come true and a thrill ride for the group - especially when they become famous for their outrageous crime spree.

Based on Actual Events, also features real-life Bling Ring victim Paris Hilton
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shellcruise   Review #10413 - Dated: 20th of January, 2014
  Author: shellcruise

The thing that blew me away about this movie, besides the fact it is based on actual events is that movie stars in Hollywood do not lock there doors or windows and if they do they leave the key under the front mat. Like seriously, in todays world who would do that besides Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom and Lindsay Lohan. I love to be nosy and see inside of movie stars houses and this movie allows you to see what most people wouldn't and it actually left me feeling lucky I live in my house instead of what they call there 'home'. Paris Hiltons home is an eye sore.

Rebecca and Marcs crime spree of breaking into OPEN cars escalates when she sees Paris Hilton would be out for the night. Jumping on Google they find out where she lives and best place to get onto her premises. When the arrive they look under the mat and presto there is a key. After entering the place they walk into her bedroom and try on her clothes take some jewels and take off to tell friends about it. The rest of the gang come and check it out and this becomes norm for a couple of months. All over the news you would think they would stop but instead decide to try there luck with other 'stars'.

Actually a really good movie/documentary about what happened. Great acting and a gripping story, you know it is not going to end well especially when footage is shown on tv but it doesn't stop this group of teenagers.

Growing up I always wanted to live where the famous did and idolised there lives but now I feel sorry for them. Spending millions on there houses, living constantly in the spotlight, must be hard. Actually growing up in LA must be terrible and the need to be noticed is constantly in your face even the parents are pushing for the children to get out and about in get in the music videos. After watching this just reconfirms that I am glad I live in New Zealand.

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