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  ProdID: 4806 - We're Going on a Croc HuntAuthor:Laine Mitchell and Louis Shea Product Score: 9.9 
We're Going on a Croc Hunt

Price : $21.00
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Available : October 2013

We're going on a croc hunt.
We're going to find a big one.
I'm not afraid.
We're as brave, as brave can be!
Join the gang in the croc hunt game! But beware, the brave animals just might find a real croc - what will they do then?!

Sing along with favourite children's entertainer Jay Laga'aia's bonus CD recording. The CD also includes an instrumental version for children to perform the song themselves
Value for Money
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rosielee3   Review #9930 - Dated: 11th of October, 2013
  Author: rosielee3

We have had this book for almost a week now. When I first received it for review from the mail, I didn't show the kids the book and put the CD on in the car to see what they thought. They very quickly picked up that the man says one line, and the children repeat it. This did make for a rather noisy car ride with my 5 year old yelling the echo, and my 2 year old attempting it and being out of time! But very fun indeed. It certainly was very entertaining and passed the car journey.

Later that day I showed them the book that went with it, both my sons sat down and wanted it to be read to them. My 5 year old was able to follow the repetition of the "Where going on a croc hunt .... " They really enjoyed the story and I like that it ends and is just a game and the children can relate to that. I have since caught my sons playing "I'm going on a croc hunt" and they finish chasing each other by saying "what shall we play now" ... so it has a lovely end that they really understood and took in.

The pictures could have been a little brighter and more eye catching, but that is my only criticism of the book, the think that it is fairly priced and I would certainly buy this as a gift for any child under the age of 6. Its a nice length as its not too long but long enough to get into it and for the children to have some time out with a book.

Its a big hit in our house! And its nice to have the CD so Mr 5 can read along to it with the voice. Its really helping his word recognition which is fantastic! Has been a great device for entertainment these holidays :)

Value for Money
Personal Choice
kiwigirl04   Review #9884 - Dated: 3rd of October, 2013
  Author: kiwigirl04

We got this in the mail to review, I opened up my parcel to find this nice book in there, I didn't have time to even look at the book when my 5 year old found a CD in the back and wanted it on right then and there. I hadn't had it in my house for 5mins before we were listening to the CD and reading the book at the same time.

The pictures are so bright and fun, they match the words very well. You watch the animals going on their croc hunt going though the pages and finding new things to go through. Its just like the old book we are going on a bear hunt but with a difference and I like the difference. The CD is lots of fun as well, I love how they say a bit and then its children on the CD repeating which gave my daughter time to repeat as well. Until it gets to the "Watch out" bit then that isn't repeating the children say "what is it" then it carrys on with what they are watching out for and fun words to get through the rocks or sand etc.

If you enjoyed "We're going on a bear hunt" then you will love this one too, the CD goes onto just music afterwards where you can do the book without the voice in the background. I actually had fun with my daughter with this one, both yelling watch out etc. If a young child is following the book while listening to the CD a adult needs to be with them so they know when the pages need turning as there is no music or anything to tell about a page change, which I like as this makes adults to have fun with their children. We also walked about the house on the second time with the book making up funny steps for each group of things we are watching out for.

This is a must book....

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