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  ProdID: 4766 - In-Win Desert Fox (Commander III)Brand / Manufactured by:In-Win Product Score: 9.8 
In-Win Desert Fox (Commander III)

Price : $200.00 +/-
Supplier :
Available : at selected quality retailers

New from In-Win, the Desert Fox (Commander III) Power Supply Unit comes in 600W, 700W and 800W versions. When you need full power, you need a Desert Fox.

    •  Type: ATX 12V 2.31 / EPS 12V 2.92 Version
    •  Total Power: 600W/700W/800W Real Wattage
    •  PFC: Full Range Active PFC(PF>0.99)
    •  Fan: Silent 135mm Double Ball-Bearing Fan
    •  Efficiency: 20% Load >87% / 50% Load >90% / 100% Load >87%
    •  MTBF: >120,000 Hours
    •  Full Protection: OVP / OCP / OPP / UVP / SCP
    •  Dimensions: 150 x 160 x 86 mm (WxLxH)
    •  AC Input: 100V-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 8A/9A/10A
    •  Certification: UL/cUL, TUV, CB, C-Tick, BSMI, PCT, KCC, CE, FCC, 80 PLUS Gold
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black-kat   Review #9724 - Dated: 17th of September, 2013
  Author: black-kat

I have recently installed this monster of a PSU into my new case the [link^4764^In-Win GROne^link], and it is a beauty of a PSU, and did I say that this thing is quite literally huge? In saying that it didn't really seem to weigh as much as I thought it would, in fact if I was to judge it's weight by it's size, it would quite possibly be generating it's own gravity field ^lol. (Sorry for that bit of geek humor there).

This, like my old PSU, is a modular PSU and I just love these kinds. I personally don't see the sense in having all those unused cables lying about inside your case (acting as a dust trap and just begging to get themselves caught in your CPU cooling fan) if you don't actually have a need for them.

This is where modular PSU's come in. Now I have seen a few modular PSU's of late and one of the biggest issues I've seen is that they don't put enough sockets onto the PSU for the cables - so you end up with cables that have up to five different connectors on them. Now that is just crazy. However this PSU has enough sockets so that you don't have too many extra connectors lying about just waiting to snag a fan or two.

Another thing I like about it is it's fan, like the PSU it is also a monster, but it is also just the thing you need to keep the unit from turning into a coffee warmer (strange how I used to once say that about 100W PSU's). The other great thing about this fan is it is also very quiet, in fact I had to look at the fan to make sure it was actually spinning the first time I powered up the PC.

The connectors that come with the PSU cover the entire gamut of plugs and you should find a connector for even the newest motherboard with all their extra 12V and 5V rails and sockets. (I remember the day when all you needed was a 12V rail for the motherboard and two 5V molex connectors for your HDD and possibly if you were rich enough your CD-ROM, and the other 5V connector for your floppy disk drive - kids, google "floppy disk drive" if you don't know what I'm talking about ^:)).

For my particular setup I only actually needed to use two of the 5 sockets located on the PSU to power all my devices, however I can see how you would need the extras, especially if you have a PC with 6 Drives located in it, a super dooper graphics card that has 2 x power connectors, not to mention the new breed of motherboard that have more power connectors on board than you know what to do with.

I can see that this PSU will comfortably power most of your computing needs and should last you a good 2-3 years. Add to that the fact that it also looks awesome with it's "desert fatigues" look.... ^:), Oh and did I mention it's size? ^lol

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