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  ProdID: 4709 - Magic tea partyManufactured byHasbro Product Score: 9.0 
Magic tea party

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Serve up some "magic" with the Magic Tea Party playset from Hasbro. When ice-cold water is added to the teacups, a pretend "tea" magically appears! When the tea party is over, soak the teacups in warm water to get them sparkling clean. All the play pieces can be stored on the durable serving tray for easy carrying.

This set for four includes 4 color-change teacups, 4 saucers, a teapot with lid, a sugar bowl with lid, a creamer with lid, 2 spoons, a serving tray and instructions.
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melissaandchloe   Review #15060 - Dated: 5th of November, 2015
  Author: melissaandchloe

My little Miss who is nearly 3 is completely obsessed with tea party's so when we got to her Grandma's the other day she was so excited to find this cute little tea set which belonged to her older cousin a few years ago. She was more than happy to play with it as it appeared with 4 tea cups and saucers, a pretty pink tea pt, a couple of little bowls and spoons and a beautiful purple serving tray. So when her grandma said to her that it was a "magic" tea party you could imagine her excitement as her and her tea party teddy's waited in anticipation to see what Grandma would do next.

This is a fantastic toy as it comes, which i'm sure most little girls around aged 2 to 4 would love, but to make it really special all you have to do is get 2 bowls of water, one which is ice cold and the other which is warm (remembering only to make it warm and not to hot for little hands). As you pour the ice cold water into the tea cups they change colour making it look like you have juice or tea in the cups rather than water. To change the cups back to there original colour you just tip the ice cold water out and dip them into the warm water and they magically return to the original colour, simple really but an ingenious idea and a great selling point that was a hit with my little one .

Obviously Miss 2 wanted to bring this tea set home with us but since we already have a couple here I managed to persuade her to leave it at Grandma's now all she wants to do is go to Grandma's to the magic tea party, her tea sets at home just don't cut it any more it seems. I'm quite surprised that the toy still works so well in regards to change it's colours and keeping it's magic after a few years, though I guess you would hope this was the case if you had spent $101 on this little tea set,ouch!

I'm not sure if these are still around, I haven't seen them in the shops, but if you could get one cheap enough on trade me or similar it would make a cute play set for a little girl into tea party's!

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kiwigirl04   Review #9450 - Dated: 29th of August, 2013
  Author: kiwigirl04

Our daughter before she was 3 was very interested in making teas and more so for her 3rd birthday we found a cute little magic tea party set and got her this. She was excited when she opened it and wanted to play with it right away at 7 in the morning. Once we actually got up we set her up on the floor with a bowl of cold ice water and a bowl of warm water.

We showed her how the "magic" cups worked by filling up the jug with the ice cold water and pouring it into the cups and the cups were magic and made it look like there was "tea" in the cup. once she had tipped the cold water back into the cold water bowl we put the cup in the warm water and it come out the colour it started as. Very magic

She is 5 and still plays with this tea set she gets a lot of play out of it weather its water or rice. Was a well worth toy to buy as she loves serving up drinks on the purple tray. The toy seems to have kept its colour and the working order of it in the last 2 years, its hard plastic and we haven't broken a piece yet nor lost of piece. its very appealing to my kids and easy to use. The price on the other hand very steep so we waited for it to be on special

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