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  ProdID: 4604 - Birds Eye Vegetable FingersProduced byBirds Eye Product Score: 9.1 
Birds Eye Vegetable Fingers

Price : $7.49 per box
Supplier :
Available : supermarket frozen section

We know a thing or two about veggies. After all we've been growing them for 65 years. We have developed our fast harvesting & freezing process to preserve natureā&trades goodness. Our Vegetable Fingers are made using Our Field Fresh vegetables which are picked and frozen within hours to create the perfect taste. The vegetables are blended with potatoes and covered with our delicious crispy breadcrumbs.
Value for Money
Visual Appeal
melissaandchloe   Review #14593 - Dated: 3rd of August, 2015
  Author: melissaandchloe

These little vegetable fingers caught my eye at the supermarket with there crispy golden crumbs and perfect shape which looked great for little fingers. My daughter usually is such a vegetable fan and so I thought these would be the perfect vege treat for her and that they would go down so well. For some unknown reason to me Miss 2 was not at all a fan of these, she spent both meal times that these were on offer disecting them and pulling out all of the veges, I thought perhaps it was that she was expecting them to be chicken nuggets or fish fingers, 2 of her favourite treat foods.

On the other hand my partner who really is not much of a fan of eating his greens or his vegetables loved them as did I. He couldn't stop raving about them and told me we should have them more often. With the yummy cheesy like mashed potato filled with lots of healthy peas, corn and carrots in a crispy golden breadcrumb surround they were certainly very yummy, and made the perfect side dish to a few of our meals, sausages, chicken and steak, the fact they were so quick and easy to cook was an added bonus.

The only down fall to this product is the price which I find is quite expensive for the box of 14 fingers, for this reason I have tried to recreate the product at home but it just does not compare. I will definitely be purchasing the Birds Eye vegetable fingers again when I happen to see them on special at the supermarket.

Value for Money
Visual Appeal
tessak   Review #11752 - Dated: 29th of June, 2014
  Author: tessak

I love Birds eye vegetable fingers. With three rather picky children, getting them to eat vegetables is the bane of my existance. Especially master 14 who seems to have an aversion to vegetables and causing a great amount of stress at dinner time when it comes to vege eating. And not just certain veges, but any veges, even the good ole potato which most people (or at least children) will eat.

Birds eye vegetable fingers are packed full of veges and then coated in a nice crispy coating. The are quick and easy to cook, making thdm a no rush, no fuss, quick to serve food. And they look great on the plate. They can be added to any meal, but are also fantastic as a side or snack with a dipping sauce. Which also makes them ideal for childrens birthday parties.

My kids love them, which of course makes my life as a parent that little bit easier. But they are expensive, which means I generally only buy them when they are on special, or on the odd occassion, when my children actually request them, which actually happens more than one would expect for something with veges in it.
So these tasty little morsels really are perfect for parties and fussy children. Just a shame about the price.

Value for Money
Visual Appeal
samantha203   Review #9262 - Dated: 18th of August, 2013
  Author: samantha203

These little vegetable fingers are so tasty and make a great alternative to chicken nuggets or fish fingers. Because they are in the finger shape and are covered in bread crumbs despite the fact that it is all vegetables my kids love to eat these. When you cook them the bread crumbs go lovely and crunch and then on the inside you get the smooth creamy mashed potatoes with mixed vegetables.

I'm not sure what flavourings are added but there must be something as they have such a nice flavour, I think there must be some cheese as they have a hint of a cheesy flavour too them. They are really good served on their own with some watties tomato sauce as a meal, or you can put them in long rolls with some salad as a healthier hot dog. Either way my kids and I love to eat them.

I have tried making my own but I can't replicate the nice flavour of these Birds Eye ones so I will keep buying these for my kids when they are on special as they are a big hit.

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