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  ProdID: 4564 - Eveready Dolphin LED LanternBrand / Manufacturer :Eveready Product Score: 10.0 
Eveready Dolphin LED Lantern

Price : $31.00
Supplier :
Available : The Warehouse

Eveready Dolphin LED lantern
    •  Tough
    •  Waterproof
    •  Floats
    •  Outdoor use
    •  Required 1x 6V battery (NOT included)
Value for Money
Personal Choice
samantha203   Review #9209 - Dated: 14th of August, 2013
  Author: samantha203

We have no outdoor lighting at our house and our car is parked out on the driveway rather than being right close to the house so we always rely on torchlight to light the way. We had a little torch which recently got broken as it was dropped so my partner went out and bought this. When he first got home I wondered why he had bought something so big and more expensive than just a small run of the mill torch but I do like this torch.

It is big but it is not overly heavy which is good, most of the weight is in the 6V battery so really not heavy at all. It has a really easy grip handle so it is really easy to carry with you even if you have bags in your hands coming home from the supermarket. I like that it is big because it really is tough as I have dropped it a couple of times when struggling inside with heavy bags.

The light on this is really bright and being that the torch is so big it lights up a big area too. This is quite handy as rather than lighting just a few steps ahead at a time I can see pretty much my whole path on the way inside. With the little torch you were watching your feet taking one step at a time. I thought it would be a good camping torch for those walks to the toilet blocks at night. Although I think we would probably get a smaller one for my daughters school camps.

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