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  ProdID: 4478 - Klutz Potholders and other Loopy ProjectsBrand / Manufacturer :Klutz Product Score: 9.0 
Klutz Potholders and other Loopy Projects

Price : $25.00
Supplier :
Available : July 2013

At last, the classic weaving loom gets a long-overdue infusion of imagination, ingenuity and fun. This book comes with a sturdy red loom and oodles of colorful, stretchy cotton-blend loops.

Made especially for us, these loops are ideal for all kinds of woven projects. Follow the step-by-loopy-step instructions to weave up a purse, a picture frame, a mighty cute chicken and more.

Comes With: plastic loom, oodles of cotton-blend loops, rainbow colored yarn, plastic crochet hook, plastic yarn needle

    •  Create wonderful things
    •  Be good
    •  Have fun
Value for Money
Personal Choice
mizim   Review #9578 - Dated: 8th of September, 2013
  Author: mizim

I was givena chance to review this and at first I thought hmmmmm, but then figured it would be something fun to do and even if I didn't like the potholders I could gift them to friends and family.

This set comes with everything you need, to a point. It comes with one loom, one hook, one sewing needle (all plastic so no worries there parents), some yarn and 197 loops (though you may have more or less, as I found out - I had less). I wish that the book told you things such as, how many potholders would the items supplied make and that extras didn't cost so much.

I got right into it and ended up making four in one night, the downside to this was that I ended up doing some damage to my left hand, it is harder than it looks when it comes to doing up the edges. It's a real delight though to start at it, it looks like nothing, but once all finished it really does look great.

I decided that I would make bags out of the potholders, instructions are in the book, and basically you join two potholders together, you are then meant to use some of the loops to make a strap for the bag. However, I thought that I could make three bags (one for each of my kids to hide away for Christmas). I got 2 1/2 bags completed, with only enough loops left to make slightly less than half of a potholder.

I have found that you can buy more of the loops online, but at almost $30 for slightly less loops than you get in this pack with nothing else... I might as well buy another one of these sets but then I'd be stuck with an extra loom. I'm pretty much stuck at a point where I need to raid my mums supplies to see if anything works so I can finish this last bag, hence my wish that the book had said at the front just how many potholders this kit would make.

I loved making these, and had a lot of fun making them, I'm just really disappointed that there was nothing clear on how many this kit would make, and now I'm stuck trying to find some way to complete this final bag. Other than that, another good Klutz kit.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
samantha203   Review #8942 - Dated: 4th of July, 2013
  Author: samantha203

We love the Klutz craft kits in this house as they are always so much fun and let you create really cool things. This is one of the best ones I have found so far as it teaches such a cool skill of weaving using a loom. The weaving is really easy to do using the loom and my daughter got the hang of it straight away without any help from me she used the instructions and pictures to figure out what to do.

Casting the pot holder off the loom was a bit more tricky and this is when she asked for help. The book gave really clear step by step instructions on how to do this with supporting pictures so it was easy to learn how to do it. I started a couple of the rows to show my daughter what to do and once she seen what I was doing she knew what to do and was away by herself. It got tricky again when you got to the final edge as because all the other sides were disconnected it wanted to come off.

My girl started off doing just a basic pot holder making her own pattern and colours up and then followd the instructions in the book to make a simple two colour weave for the second one. After this she decided she wanted to make the tic tac toe board but because she had already used a lot of the loops they weren't enough loops to have 14 of each colour to do a two tone board.

We are going to get some stuffing when we next go to spotlight or something so she can make the little bean bags and the chicken but for now the potholders are keeping her very entertained another awesome book from Klutz!

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