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  ProdID: 444 - Kill Bill - vol 2Directed byQuentin Tarantino Product Score: 7.9 
Kill Bill - vol 2

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Available : November 2004

There were five on her list. Now it's three.

O-Ren Ishii and Vernita Green were the first to fall, now The Bride (Uma Thurman) is out to finish the job by killing Elle Driver, Budd, and last of all, Bill (David Carradine). If the final three aren't afraid now, they better start, because she's coming for them.

However, something has thrown off her plans a bit. Her daughter (whom she was pregnant with as she was getting married) is still alive. What effect this will have on her quest for vengeance is unclear, but the question is, will The Bride actually succeeded in completing her ultimate goal...

...to Kill Bill?
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alexmoulton   Review #11530 - Dated: 11th of June, 2014
  Author: alexmoulton

Starting off with a "Previously on Kill Bill..." opening scene, we have the return of the Bride on her quest to kill Bill.

I found this film a lot more enjoyable than its predecessor. The constant cutting from past to present timelines reminded me of the constant switching between plot lines in Pulp Fiction, and I was glad to have more back story, as it proves to be the backbone of the franchise, despite its poor use; the Bride gets into a bad situation, cue the flashback that explains how she will escape the situation. It is all rather sloppily put together.

And yet I still enjoyed it more than the first film. The other characters still had no depth to them, and were incredibly one-dimensional, but the Bride and Bill did improve as characters. The plot is also a little thicker in this film, with necessary information coming into it, as opposed to filler. The fight scenes were again well done, but a little tiresome, and the ending was nothing short of predictable.

There were a few twists and turns that kept your interest; enough to make this film a good film, but not enough to make it a great film.

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Tucker   Review #552 - Dated: 7th of December, 2004
  Author: Tucker

The journey of revenge for The Bride continues... as she travels from pitstop to pitstop to her kill ex-boss, ex-lover, Bill. And I am pretty sure she gets mentioned by name near the start...

Anyway, I wasn't quite as impressed with this one as vol 1, the scene-skipping was a little overboard with vol 2, making the storyline a little too juggled in places.

Overall, the sword scenes were again stunning, but a bit of the 'zing' was missing, since it was more of the same as the previous movie. Ahhh, but you'll just have to see for yourself what happens as she approaches the final confrontation with Bill.

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