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  ProdID: 4361 - Origin in DeathWritten byJ.D. Robb Product Score: 8.8 
Origin in Death

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Set in 2059 in New York City, the #1 bestselling In Death series has given fans a searing glimpse into near-future law and order. In this newest installment, Detective Eve Dallas tracks the cunning, cold-blooded killer of a father and son.
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mizim   Review #8654 - Dated: 25th of May, 2013
  Author: mizim

Doctor Wilfred Icove Sr. is murdered while sitting at the desk in his office. He's been stabbed through the heart with a scalpel, and the last woman to see him alive is seen on security tapes strolling calmly out of there, cool as a cucumber. Eve Dallas and her partner Delia Peabody were in the building investigating a different homicide, so are among the first on the scene. Everyone is shocked by the doctor's murder yet as Dallas investigates she finds that his life is so squeaky clean that she is suspicious.

When his son and heir is found dead in his home, again stabbed through the heart with a scalpel, it becomes obvious that Eve's suspicions about the Icoves aren't unfounded, unpopular as that may turn out with the general public. With determination Eve discovers that the Icove's were cloning in a secret laboratory, something that creates a lot of shock (and it comes up again in a couple of books down the line).

Origin in Death is quite a change in the most of the drama and darkness in the movie doesn't come from Roarke or Eve and their past. There is a bit of fun though as Roarke's new-found family come to visit, overwhelming and frightening them both.

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