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  ProdID: 43 - Lara Croft : Tomb Raider 2 - The Cradle of LifeDirected byJan de Bont Product Score: 6.0 
Lara Croft : Tomb Raider 2 - The Cradle of Life

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Archaeologist and explorer extrodinaire Lara Croft journeys to a temple, sunken underwater that leads to a sphere that contains the map to the mythical Pandoras Box, only to have it stolen from her by Chen Lo, the leader of a Chinese crime syndicate.

It is soon apparent that Chen Lo is in league with a villain named Reiss. Reiss wants to use the Box as a doomsday weapon.

Facing her greatest challenges yet, the intrepid tomb raider pursues Lo in order to get her hands on Pandoras Box, and fulfill the desire of the Queen.

But some lost things are best left lost... and those who hid them want them to stay hidden.

Cast Includes: Angelina Jolie, Gerald Butler, Ciaran Hinds, Christopher Barrie, Noah Taylor, Djimon Hounsou.

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alexmoulton   Review #11354 - Dated: 1st of June, 2014
  Author: alexmoulton

I rather enjoyed the first movie, but was unsure how well-made this second instalment would be. I have always enjoyed such ancient sleuthing films, where the legends that everyone has heard of, are found to be true, with clues that have been available for all these years, just waiting for the right people to interpret them. Such film franchises as 'Indiana Jones' and 'National Treasure' have proven movies that centre around solving clues to find ancient artefacts to be popular, and Lara Croft provided a female lead to help fill in the niche.

This film was a little more far-fetched than its predecessor, but contained a good mixture of action and plot. Angelina Jolie seemed to fit the role of Lara Croft better this time around, more active in her quest for artefacts. Being the sequel, she was far less constricted costume-wise, and was able to dress more appropriately for the situations, which made them more believable.

Overall, I liked this movie. I didn't think was amazing, but it kept me entertained, and I enjoyed the environments that were visited, and the fight scenes were well done. I have to give credit to Jolie, choosing to do her own stunts; she did great, and looked stunning.

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mizim   Review #5645 - Dated: 8th of April, 2012
  Author: mizim

There's not much good to say about this movie, I even regret having it in my DVD collection.
There was no real plot, not much good action, in fact all it seems like is that someone thought "Hey, we make good money out of filming Angelina Jolie scantily clad, in tight clothes, running around all the time."

This is one movie that I hope there is never even consideration for a 3rd.

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Tucker   Review #24 - Dated: 24th of September, 2003
  Author: Tucker

OK, for those who do not like spoilers, put your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and hum for the next few minutes... this will not take long.

For those who want to know, here is the plot summary:
Breast Shot, Breast Shot, Swimming, Breast Shot, Breast Shot, Breast Shot, bang! Breast Shot, Breast Shot, BANG! Breast Shot, Breast Shot, falling and flying, Breast Shot, Breast Shot, Breast Shot, Breast Shot, Breast Shot, Breast Shot, BANG! BANG! Breast Shot, running, dying, special effects that are hard to see, Breast Shot, Breast Shot, Breast Shot, falling, Breast Shot, Breast Shot, moral judgement, BANG! Breast Shot, Breast Shot, Breast Shot, sunset.

And that was the highlights for tonight. Next week, we will be watching paint dry... that will be a real treat compared to this movie.

It really must have been cold where they were filming, or Angelina enjoys her work WAY too much. Either way, there were two key focal points throughout the entire movie, and they were NOT her two leading actors.

Honestly, even the $5.50 I paid for this movie was a bit of a waste. The highlight of the movie was the young lady who served me a tasty Burger King Junior Whopper burger afterwards!

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