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  ProdID: 4272 - The Better MousetrapBrand / Manufacturer :Intruder Product Score: 10.0 
The Better Mousetrap

Price : $5.49
Supplier :
Available : hardware stores and supermarkets

Made of tough plastic. The safest and cleanest reusable trap of all.
Value for Money
Ease of Use
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flabbergastered   Review #8548 - Dated: 21st of May, 2013
  Author: flabbergastered

I purchased the Intruder better mousetrap and used them at work when we were invaded by hairy little visitors!! The mouse traps were loaded up with peanut butter and strategically placed around the centre mainly behind the larger pieces of furniture away from the the children finding them etc.

The trigger mechanism is light ~ I snapped them numerous times while handling the traps, but don't fear...it didn't hurt and you definitely won't break any bones if your finger is clamped.....yup I tell you this from experience!! haha. The trap doesn't crush the mice as much as it suffocates the little pests....maybe a cruel/slow way to go but it is more effective than other traps.

Releasing the dead mouse is simple because all you need to do is just pinch the ends of the trap and PLOP the mouse falls into the rubbish bin. There's no 'icky' factor because the mice are not crushed like other traps with blood oozy out and just genuinely looking gross. The process is simple, clean, and obviously works well, because all the mice were caught within a few days and since then no more mice.

The mouse trap is easy to clean or to disinfect after use as well not that the traps are dirty per say but still mice are icky and I just prefer to pack the traps away knowing they are clean and ready for use the next time.

There are two things that make this trap different: the hair trigger, its a different spring design from any other trap i've seen, and the result is a real hair trigger on it. A hair trigger in the best way, any slight movement and the trap is set off....and the second is the 'indent' where the bait goes. This is a great idea in my opinion because the bait goes in between a couple of plastic spikes, which means the mouse has to 'dig' for the bait which once again ensures the trigger is released and the mouse is caught.

Great value for money because the mouse trap can be used over and over and the spring design seems to stand the test of time because the amount of times I set it off haha it still performs like it is brand new. I will continue to keep using and have recommend the mousetrap to other people...way better brand of mouse trap than others on the market.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Personal Choice
samantha203   Review #8464 - Dated: 18th of May, 2013
  Author: samantha203

There is nothing that scares me more than mice they have me climbing up on tables and screaming like a little girl. I don't know how something so tiny and supposedly harmless can have me reduced to such a state but they just do! Every winter when the temperature starts cooling down though the mice start creeping in!

We live in a pretty old country cottage with lots of open fields around us so when it starts getting cold the mice can easily find a way in to our house where it is nice and dry and warm for them. When there is mice in the house I don't relax and I don't sleep I just can't stand them. I don't like the thought of laying down poision as we have children and pets and have neighbours with children and pets too so it is not really a good option. So we decided to give these mousetraps a go.

I like them because they are easy to set and easy to clean. It kills the mouse by basically suffocating them there is no metal and they don't even break the skin of the mouse so there is no blood or guts or anything to clean up. I can't empty the traps anyway even when they are dead I can't go anywhere near them but all you have to do once you have disposed of the dead mouse is add more peanut butter to the trap and re set it.

The instructions said to use peanut butter which we don't normally buy as my daughter is allergic but bought some especially for the mousetraps and just keep it outside in the shed and the mice just seem drawn to it and much to my disgust lately we have been getting a mouse every couple of nights. I'm getting more aware of keeping the doors shut and have had my partner running round like a mad man to check for any holes they could be getting in so fingers crossed we should have regularly empty mouse traps soon.

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