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  ProdID: 4132 - Lipton Chai LatteBrand / Manufactured by:Lipton Product Score: 10.0 
Lipton Chai Latte

Price : $6.69
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Available : All Supermarkets

Lipton Chai Tea Latte is a unique taste experience. It combines tea with exotic spice flavours such as cinnamon, cardamom and ginger with a delicious, creamy milk base. Just add hot water to enjoy a frothy latte style pick-me-up.

Lipton Chai Latte is also 98% Fat Free.

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flabbergastered   Review #8381 - Dated: 8th of May, 2013
  Author: flabbergastered

I am not a huge hot drink fan but I always have a box of chai latte in the cupboard because the individual sachets mixed with boiling water is all I need so this drink is perfect when all the milk in the house has been drunk and there isn't a drop to be found! I like the unique blend of tea, with milk and the spice flavours. I love the cinnamon and cardamon with a hint of ginger, all topped off with the creamy milk base. By just adding water to the sachet it all froths up into the latte and is an instant pick-me-up.

With the individual sachets I am able to throw one into my lunch box and enjoy a cup of tea at work, but this is a flash cuppa! with the frothy top with makes the drink that little bit more special. When I first tried this drink my first thought was it was too sweet, but my second cup didn't taste as sweet, maybe I was more prepared for what it tasted like. I thought the spices was a perfect blend and I would absolutely love it if there was more cinnamon n actually as this is one of my favourite spices.

This drink is perfect on a cold and wintery night and this is usually when I am wanting a hot beverage, so with not needing milk and only requiring hot water it is the perfect thing for an unplanned treat! The price could be cheaper, but with the convenience of not needing milk and when you calculate a latte that you would buy in a cafe it is actually saving you money but buying this product and making your own.

98% fat free makes this a somewhat guilt free treat as well. The packet has a unique perforation along the top that when ripped off turns the box into an easy accessed container of sorts where the sachets are easily grabbed quickly and easily so I don't have to worry about opening and closing the box up when I want to get a sachet. Just another reason Lipton chai latte is the perfect drink if you enjoy tea or just want something a little bit special on a cold and wintery night...and don't forget the perfect thing if you have no milk!!

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