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  ProdID: 4127 - Active Platinum Dishwasher TabletsBrand / Manufactured by:Active Product Score: 9.5 
Active Platinum Dishwasher Tablets

Price : From $12.79
Supplier :
Available : All Supermarkets

Built in Rinse Aid helps remove food and detergent residue.

Superior Clean formulated to target and remove dried on food.

Stain & Grease Remover dissolves difficult stains like tea and coffee.

Cuts through grease and prevents limescale build up.

Lime with Baking Soda
Dissolvable Wrap
Recommended by Fisher & Paykel
Made in New Zealand
Value for Money
Personal Choice
marina.abernethy   Review #17808 - Dated: 12th of April, 2017
  Author: marina.abernethy

This is my go-to dish washing tablets. I have used these dish washer tablets as long as I have had a dish washer. I have tried other ones, the more expensive ones, but they haven't been as good. We are only a family of three so only have a small amount of dishes. Even with burnt on food these still manage to do the trick every single time.

I also like that you don't have to open the bag and risk getting the powder from the tablet onto your hands like some of the other brands do. These make it really easy just to pop in the dish washer and away you go. My cups and glasses always come out sparkling clean and my pots are never in need of ever having to hand wash, really good to use after having had a fry up and you are left with greasy food.

They are good value for money and usually last us a month. I can only praise them that they are made in New Zealand so better for our economy. The only trouble I've had, but I've never been able to get any of the tablets/dish washers to do is dry plastic containers! However, I do not think this is because of the tablets!

Value for Money
Personal Choice
kymmage   Review #8748 - Dated: 5th of June, 2013
  Author: kymmage

We get these in the handy 60 tablet value pack. When I first picked the box up, it was simply because they were cheaper than our usual brand. The per tablet price was cheaper and we got slightly more in the box. Since you go through a tablet each time you are doing a load of dishes, it is important to me that the load is cheap to run.

These tablets have a rinse aid cross design. I quite like the blue cross against the yellow tablet block too. The plus side of these is that the cross never falls out like some of the powerball style tablets on the market. When I first tried this product, I found the box very easy to open and the re-seal on the box which is a tab style, actually worked. So many companies skimp at that detail, but this is a really well designed tab closure.

The next thing that surprised me (I clearly didn't read the box!) was the baggie the tablet was in. I started to rip it open and then stopped. What is it made of? It was weird feeling. Then I read the box - dissolvable! One of the biggest annoyances for me is the little bags on dishwasher tablets and here, the bag goes in the machine too! Lastly, the true test - my dishes come out of the machine squeaky clean. A great product for the budget conscious consumer.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
flabbergastered   Review #8233 - Dated: 29th of April, 2013
  Author: flabbergastered

I don't like spending lots on dishwasher products but I've learned from experience that sometimes cheaper ones aren't better value for money because you end up running the machine twice or hand washing afterwards! So when I finally got my own dishwasher at home I only wanted the best powder running through my machine (previous dishwashers that I have used are ones at different workplaces) and the best thing I have found to use are tablets, and so far I have only bought Active Platinum and I am very happy with them but do tend to get them when they're on offer as they're fairly pricey.

I have found these tablets very convenient to use because they are encased in a dissolvable wrap that obviously dissolves in the dishwasher which means I don't have physically touch the powder as I am dropping it into the cutlery tray. Platinum tablets ensures 'Outstanding cleaning and contains Ultra Shine Technology to actively fight watermarks and cloudy spots for an amazing clean and shine'.

As for the cleaning properties, these tablets seem to be pretty good at getting dishes/glasses clean the first time around (and I am really slack and don't pre-rinse) I've noticed that regardless of what I put in there, be it stained plates or greasy trays, they come out clean and without marks from the tablet, to which I put that down to the formulated superior clean that removes dried on food, and the stain and grease remover.

Thanks to the Built In Rinse the plates are clean because they come out nice and shiney, the glasses are streak free and don't come out with water stains. The dishes come out fresh and the lime scent isn't overpowering so dishes aren't left with a nasty tang that need to be wash off afterwards, again making the dishwashing process far quicker and easier, and I like the use of baking powder as I am sure this addition cuts down on the yucky smell from some powders..

So far I don't really have any niggles with these as the tablets tend to dissolve well in the dishwasher without causing mess, and my dishes come out shiny and clean, and the dishwasher itself seems to stay in better, fresher condition for longer. All in all I would therefore recommend these,and if you have a Fisher and Paykel machine you can't go wrong!

I have found these tablets to be on special every few months and this is when I usually buy a new box, every little bit of savings counts and for such a great product I will continue to keep buying and using.

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