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  ProdID: 4114 - Bakeworks Mini Gluten Free CookiesBrand:Bakeworks Product Score: 10.0 
Bakeworks Mini Gluten Free Cookies

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Bakeworks gluten free cookies made with real ingredients such as real chocolate, organic free range eggs and natural raw sugar so they have a lovely homebaked flavor plus they have the added bonus of being gluten free for those with gluten allergies.
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tessak   Review #8187 - Dated: 28th of April, 2013
  Author: tessak

I have to admit a little bit of fear with these, okay a lot of fear...My sons once spent their entire allowance buying the most delightful and exciting massive chocolate cake when we were out shopping once. Rather than checking with me first, they went off and bought their cake and then came to find me and show me in all their excitement. They had purchased a gluten free double chocolate mud cake.I admit that yes it looked divine, and I can understand why at 6 and 7 yrs old they would have wanted it.

So after tea that night, they proudly got their cake out, put it onto a serving platter, and happily cut it into reasonably sized pieces. Smiles bigger than their heads as they sat happily with their cake. Tears bigger than raindrops when they realised that it was the worst purchase they had ever made. The cake weighed more than any food item ever should. It was so dense and absolutely awful. I felt so sorry for them, but also liked the idea that I could teach them a lesson too, lol. they tried to feed it to their dog...even he wouldn't eat it, lol. But this review is not about that cake, thank goodness!

I can assure you bakeworks cookies definitely do not get a review like the above mentioned chocolate cake. Far from it in fact. Bakeworks gluten free cookies get the double thumbs up from everyone in this house: a picky adult male, a tired mum, 3 school aged kids, a 17yr old teenager who will eat anything except veges anyway, lol

Picky adult male preferred the plain chocolate chips one, but said all 3 were very nice. The three kids thought they were awesome and couldn't believe they were gluten free the same as that dreaded cake.The teenager thought they were just awesome. And mum: was very pleasantly surprised. I couldn't believe something so tasty could be gluten free, lol, I really liked the shortbread coconut ones personally.

I do have to admit to having some difficulty in opening the bags, but then decided this was actually a good thing as it also meant so did everyone else, which meant less chance of kids sneaking bikkies from pantry, lol. The packaging was not boring and sad either, easy to read and easy to understand.
Would definitely buy them again and have recommended them to everyone. Unfortunately couldn't share with friends as the bikkies only just made it to the following evening in this house, lol

These are a really lovely tasty item, with a great texture, and a great look that the kids love! Yay 2 thumbs up for sure :-) ^up^up

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