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  ProdID: 3903 - Nothing Trivial (3 DVD set)Type of Show: romantic comedy Product Score: 10.0 
Nothing Trivial (3 DVD set)

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Nothing Trivial is a light-hearted and comedic drama based around five friends with two things in common: a pub quiz and the fact that each of them is unlucky or unhappy in love.

Nothing Trivial is funny, warm and romantic and about people at a crossroads in their lives, particularly when it comes to finding that significant other to love and grow old with. It's about people trying to find the answers to life's big questions, while answering a whole lot of small and trivial ones... and winning the bar tab while they're at it!
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Jopukeko   Review #7675 - Dated: 25th of February, 2013
  Author: Jopukeko

Nothing Trivial is my favourite New Zealand TV show. It is great to see it has been released on DVD. I was even more pleased when I picked up both Season One and Season Two DVD sets at a bargain price in a charity auction. The first season is three DVDs and ten hours of viewing broken in to thirteen episodes. That makes this set incredibly good value for money.

It is basically the story of the lives of a pub quiz team. Since I have served my time in quiz teams I could relate to the discussion broken up by trivia. It also appealed to my intellect to have trivia questions while I'm relaxing in front of the TV. As you would expect all the characters have dramas in their lives, some of their own doing and some that is just bad luck.

Like most Kiwi shows the actors look familiar and most have appeared on Shortland Street. I soon forgot about their past roles and got lost in what was happening on Nothing Trivial. I found myself wanting to see what was going to happen to them next and thankfully because it is on DVD I don't have to be kept waiting or use up my broadband allowance watching episodes I've missed.

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