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Pet Essentials

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Pet Essentials is a chain of 9 retail stores scattered throughout the North Island of New Zealand. Although specialising in meat products Pet Essentials caters for all you domestic household pets, in the form of dried foods, pet rolls, birdseeds and accessories.

Live Pets are now available in some stores also.

Although not a franchise as such, Pet Essentials are a group of individual store owners who have 'Your Pets' best interest at heart. Full of helpful advise, tips and products, Pet Essentials is the place to go.

'It's Where Your Pet Would Shop'

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Staff & Service
Cherrycola27   Review #17244 - Dated: 13th of November, 2016
  Author: Cherrycola27

Branch: Whangarei

Pet Essentials has a wonderful pet store here in Whangarei and indeed the one that I feel is simply the best our town has to offer. Whenever I enter the store, or ring to inquire about different things I am always greeted with friendly, professional and welcoming responses. Nothing ever seems to be a problem or to much for the lovely staff.

I have visited the store in both their old building and their new, much bigger and better store. Previously they were in a large shopping area and could be quite hard to find a car park. Now however they have their own car park and getting to them is so much easier! In their new building they seem to have a lot more room, which means more stock as well as everything is so fresh and new looking which is really great.

I visit this store with groups of toddlers/children (who I work with) along with my other team members and even with the children's tutu fingers nothing is ever a problem. They regularly feed the fish especially while we are there too, making it seem like they go the extra mile. They often have other animals for sale and the staff will feed these while we are there which is of great delight for everyone. The children totally adore visiting our local store and we regularly make small purchases for our pet fish. When items we are after aren't there or stock has run out, staff will offer to ring us when they arrive and true to their word they ALWAYS do.

When I had our pet cat I would often visit the store for toys for her and pet essentials always stocked an awesome range with different and new things added regularly. I mostly can find my way around the store and find what I need, but whenever I couldn't, the staff yet again were helpful every single time. I have friends who regularly visit this store to buy food and snacks for their dogs who also wont go anywhere else. The prices can sometimes be on the steeper side but as with most things, you pay for the great quality that you get. A store I recommend you visit for all your pets needs.

Staff & Service
flabbergastered   Review #7476 - Dated: 21st of January, 2013
  Author: flabbergastered

Branch: Whangarei

I have been a loyal customer at Pet Essentials for many many years. I find the staff at the Whangarei store very helpful, they greet me each and every time I walked through the door and are there if I need help...I have been going for so long I know the layout of the shop like the back of my hand so rarely need their assistance to find what I need.

The pet care products I do purchase from Pet Essentials I can rest assured they are top quality, and good for my animals. I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 budgies and a turtle and they do have everything and more to satisfy the needs of my animals. Recently my dog was diagnosed with an allergy to soy protein and of cause soy is in just about every processed dog food on the market!! But I knew that Pet Essentials stocked a large range of fresh meat products that would keep her going, and not to mention Pet Essentials was the only stockist of a dry food that was soy protein free!! Their prices are very reasonable as well.

The Whangarei Pet Essentials store needed to move into a bigger premises recently because they found they had the demand to stock more products and services and boy has the new store done well all credit to the owner and employees!! Their services, product and range are second to none! Not forgetting about the location and large parking lot always ensuring a car park is available as the place is always busy.

I am a weekly visitor as my dogs and turtle just love the treats that Pet Essentials stock. I wish the prices were cheaper as I spend a fortune....but I shouldn't complain because they are top quality treats and snacks and I know that giving them to my pets they are happy and healthy at the same time. I love the fact that Pet Essentials Whangarei don't mind if I bring my dogs along for a visit as well, as long as they are on a lead and under control they are welcome and greeted when they walk through the door with me...LOVE THAT!!

I haven't needed their grooming services yet but I like the fact it is now offered, and I must say at a very reasonable cost too when I enquired about grooming my dog. When the store has live animals for sale they are always housed in a huge catch that is always kept clean with plenty of toys available and fresh clean water and food....even their animals for sale are top quality!!

No matter what pet and what need they have you can find what you need at Pet Essentials. A shop and brand that can be trusted.

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