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  ProdID: 3304 - Bob the Builder - The Dream RoomType of Show: Children's Animated Series Product Score: 8.8 
Bob the Builder - The Dream Room

Price : $16.99
Supplier :
Available : March 2012

Bob and the gang are building a new room for Spud, Scratch calls it his dream room. His excitement rubs off on Spud, who decides that if it's his dream room, he can have whatever he wants!

But Spuds ideas are outlandish and his building skills less than expert and the entire room ends up falling down in a heap! Can they fix it before Bob returns?

Includes the episodes:
    •  Travis' New Garage
    •  Scratch and the Dream Room
    •  Stage Struck Dizzy
    •  Roley and the Fox
    •  Scrambler the Super Machine
    •  Roley's Weather Rap
    •  Bob's Big Bounce
    •  Whizzy Dizzy
Actors / Animation
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tessak   Review #5612 - Dated: 8th of April, 2012
  Author: tessak

My children love Bob the Builder and always have since it first aired in NZ. The show was created in the UK in 1998, hitting US screens in 2001, and coming up 15 years since first created it has not changed that much in this time. There are a couple new characters (Scratch and Scrambler) and if you are an avid follower you got to meet Bobs parents along the way :-). The story lines are still fantastic and catchy.

This DVD 'Bob the Builder - The Dream Room features 8 awesome episodes. One of these being the DVD title: Scratch and the Dream Room - In this one Bob and the gang build a new room for Spud. But before the room is completed Scratch refers to Spuds room as his dream work, and the pair of them get caught up in making the room exactly the way Spud wants with no door, and a hole in the roof to see the stars. Then the battery dies on Bobs computer with the plans on it and the room ends up a mass heap on the ground. Oh no! Can they fix it before Bob returns?

Another episode is 'Roley and the Fox' - in this one Bob and the team are creating and building a golf course. Roley befriends a little fox in the process and the buckets of golf balls that Bob has for the kids to play gold with when the course opens later in the day are disappearing - but why and by who? And what should Roley do about the little Fox that is following him everywhere, causing some problems along the way?

Bob the Builder is a fantastic series for children and these 8 new episodes will keep them entertained for at least an hour (running time 80 mins) giving parents the perfect opportunity to catch up on some odd jobs, perhaps cook dinner, or catch up on some quality TV time with the kids.

Definitely recommended both by myself and my daughter. Its fantastic and the RRP is worth every minute of the DVD.

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