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  ProdID: 3210 - Curry Infused OilManufacturer / BrandCannon Hill Gourmet Foods Product Score: 7.8 
Curry Infused Oil

Price : $15.00 / 250ml bottle
Supplier :
Available : at selected quality retailers, and via the online store

A very unique oil, not found easily. A lively full bodied oil that is bursting with life and matched perfectly with our dukkah.

    •  Gluten Free
    •  Dairy Free

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Missvicqui   Review #5463 - Dated: 26th of February, 2012
  Author: Missvicqui

I was hesitant to try this as I find curries a bit to spicy for my delicate taste buds so had to have a good think of how exactly I was going to do this fairly.

As soon as I opened the bottle I was transported back to my childhood when mum used to make curried sausages, this wasn't a good start. So I decided to put that experience to rest. I pan fried some onions and sausages with the oil and served with good old mashed potatoes, YUM. There wasn't the bite that I was expecting with curry. It was a nice spin on plain old sausages for my Mr 3. He asked for a second one :)

Feeling more confident I tried dipping some bread in the oil, another hit. This would have been perfect if I had some dukkah left! Next time.

The price is a little on the high side so it wont be something I use all the time, just for treats.

Thanks Cannon Hill for introducing me to curry infused oil, something I wouldn't have done on my own :)

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rubytuesdaynz   Review #5352 - Dated: 31st of January, 2012
  Author: rubytuesdaynz

An interesting looking bottle with a lovely smell to it but this initially had us scratching our heads how to use it. We dunked some plain breadstick in it so we could get the flavour. It had a definite but mild curry flavour, without the curry heat. We also tried dunking bread in the oil and then into the dukkah but the mix of flavours was too much for us.

On the barbie we fried some onions in it. These were good and next day for lunch we were having baked beans and I fried some more onion in the oil and mixed them through the beans. That was also very tasty - once again a subtle curry flavour without the heat.

We tried a stir fry using the oil as a base but really we didn't think it leant itself to this because it took some of the flavour away from the vegetables and we didn't like this as a use.

We did think it had limited uses. While we enjoyed what we did with it, it's not something we'd be likely to buy at the supermarket for the sake of having it in the pantry to use occasionally. We did think it was expensive for what we could do with it and we don't believe we would recommend it due to cost and limited use.

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Tucker   Review #5320 - Dated: 23rd of January, 2012
  Author: Tucker

I have always wanted to try infused oils - I just never seem to remember to get them at the supermarket because I am worried about the quality - the good stuff costs way too much, and the affordable stuff is made with low-grade oils. So I was overjoyed to give this a try...

First experiment, using it to shallow-fry (why waste it!) some 'Taties' - hard to describe unless you know them, they are similar to "Poppajacks". Normally the flavour is very subtle, almost to the point of not being detectable by my tongue. But after using this oil they were full of a wonderful curry flavour, without the spicy burn that puts my wife and kids off wanting to eat curries.

The smell alone, from the moment I opened the bottle to the time I washed the saucepan, filled the kitchen with a most drool-making aroma... I was in fits of delight!

Second trial run - bread dipped in this, then in Dukkah. Another brilliant win, even though I wasn't 100% certain on the Dukkah. French Stick would be wonderful with this, but even the humble bread roll tasted amazing.

Third test - using this in a bit of baking - savoury scones. Once again a triumph of taste, and one I plan to repeat as often as I can afford to buy this. The price is a little steep - so careful; rationing is required - but for those for whom money spent on quality foodstuff is an essential part of the budget, then this should be worth considering!

Overall, a new winner in my books, and one I certainly recommend whole-heartedly!

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kymmage   Review #5308 - Dated: 22nd of January, 2012
  Author: kymmage

Being a bit of a foodie, I have tasted a great many infused oils. From lemon, to Rosemary and others in-between. I cracked open Cannon Hill's Curry Infused Oil this afternoon for a snack before dinner. The beautiful smell of curry flowed from the bottle. Yum. My husband is not big on curry so its always been a food I have to enjoy on my own. I have never seen a curry infused oil before now, so I was pretty excited to try it.

I cut up some crusty pieces of bread for dipping, and got ready for a taste sensation. I just love bread dipped in oil. The oil soaks into the bread and makes the perfect delivery system. When this oil soaked in, you could see the beautiful bright yellow colour from the spices in the oil.

The smell of curry was making my mouth water. I picked up a piece of bread and took a bite. The oil was light, but very tasty. Its not a hot spice, proven by the fact my 4 year old shared my snack with me and asked me to get her some more when we ran out.

Obviously this is great with bread, and dukkah. But I also think it would be neat to cook fish in, or to brown chicken in. The size of the bottle means you wouldn't need to purchase this very often, while getting plenty of use out of it. I am very impressed indeed, just have to have a dinner party so I can introduce others to this taste sensation.

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