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  ProdID: 3135 - Lime and Lemongrass DrizzleProduced bySt Andrews Limes Product Score: 9.4 
Lime and Lemongrass Drizzle

Price : $7.00
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Available : at selected quality retailers and via online store

Drizzle over fresh fruit, ice-cream and dessert cake, or sneak it into a glass of champagne. Marinate salmon steaks or splash it over pan-fried fish. Try drizzling over chicken breasts before cooking or slap it into stir-fried vegetables.

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bronnie   Review #7133 - Dated: 5th of December, 2012
  Author: bronnie

This is a very versatile product!! I am very much a fan of anything lime flavoured, and the lemon grass flavour with it was a definite for me to try.

I have done a chicken stir-fry with the lime and lemon grass drizzle. It turned out fabulous. Apart from the fact that I was a little over zealous with the amount used to marinate the chicken. This product is definitely great value for money. A little goes a long way. The chicken definitely had the zing of lime in it, with the lemon grass being the more subtle flavour. It was a hit as there were no leftovers however.

My favourite way to use this condiment though is actually in a drink. It makes water so much tastier, and with only 26 days until my baby is due out, then I can really start experimenting with all the different styles of cocktails it would go great in over summer. For now I just use it in cold water, or make it into ice cubes and just let it melt into the drink.

I would have no hesitations in recommending this product to others. I have so many more recipes I'd like to try this in, especially in baking. I'm sure it will be a family hit for a long time to come yet.

Also I love the website as there are different recipes available for you to try if you are unsure of how or what to use this product with.

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Tucker   Review #5113 - Dated: 3rd of November, 2011
  Author: Tucker

This was surprisingly versatile. With a zingy lime flavour, enhanced with a twist of lemongrass, this gives a decidedly Asian style flavour to any dish. I found this was quite nice when drizzled over freshly stir-fried veges and gave them a really nice fresh 'crisp' flavour that complemented their natural taste without drowning it out. Taking the idea in a slightly different direction, I did up some beef-&-vege stir-fry as I normally would, then served it on steamed rice with a little butter and a sprinkle of this stirred through it.

What I also found worked well was making a Potato Salad dressing with it - some Lite Mayo, freshly ground black pepper and sea salt, a hefty splash of this, and a dash of malt vinegar. Stirred through freshly cooked diced potato, some steamed mixed veges, freshly chopped red onion and spring onion, and a bit of grated carrot. Turned out quite tasty! Might not be everyone's cuppa tea though - we all have our own flavour preferences after all.

Overall, an excellent condiment that I plan to keep around! SO handy... I can imagine a few Summer iced cocktails that would be enhanced with a splash of this too... being lime based it's just so versatile!

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NZGeekGirl   Review #5005 - Dated: 30th of October, 2011
  Author: NZGeekGirl

I believe it's pretty safe to say that this may very well have become my new "go to" condiment. In a very short time I've found it's uses seem virtually unlimited. The taste is subtle but delicious, I actually struggle to describe it accurately!

So far I've used it drizzled over whitebait fritters (for the love of .... whatever, just don't tell my father in law, you have no idea what it took to sneak it on!) and it gave it a nice lift! We also drizzled it over a whole chicken before putting it in the roaster, it came up moist with a delicious extra "something" add to it but without taking away from the flavour of the roast chicken. I've also used this sprinkled over lemon and lime polenta cake in place of lime juice, as the cake disappeared fairly rapidly I think it would be safe to say it was a hit!

For my fellow health conscious, calorie scrutinising peeps, this is very low in calories (almost non-existent actually) so it is perfect for adding flavour to almost anything you're cooking or making. I've also enjoyed this lightly sprinkled over salads for that extra bit of flavour.

This is another St Andrews Limes product that will be a regular in my kitchen, with so many uses and so perfectly suited to me how could I not?

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