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  ProdID: 3100 - ZOOBManufactured byInfinitoy Product Score: 8.8 

Price : $25.99
Supplier :
Available : September 2011

5 pieces snap together 20 ways!

ZOOB is a building set with a difference - the pieces move after kids put them together. So kids can play with their ZOOB creations, instead of just looking at them.

ZOOB pieces snap, click, and pop together to form joints that rotate, axles that spin, limbs that extend, and lots more. There's no no limit to what kids can build: from animals to aliens, from dinosaurs to DNA.

ZOOB is based on real-life systems, so its built-in educational value encourages kids to learn, explore, and create using the most important tool of all: their imagination.

Kits available in a range of sizes from 15 pieces.

Reviewed kit contains 35 ZOOB pieces and complete instructions.

Value for Money
Age Range
Laugan   Review #6906 - Dated: 2nd of November, 2012
  Author: Laugan

My son was given this for his birthday and it's been a hit, he has a very active imagination and makes anything from everything so this is the perfect toy for him. His latest fad with them is to create transformers which is quite cool and given the way the pieces connect to each other it's easy to get the pieces to move.

The only down side is the durability, I think his 3 year old sister has probably helped him break a few pieces and others have been trodden on although I think our first casualty was while he was actually playing with it. However as he's getting older and more responsible with his toys I'd be inclined to buy more to expand his collection as it's a toy that comes out over and over again.

Value for Money
Age Range
rorr139   Review #5226 - Dated: 3rd of January, 2012
  Author: rorr139

My 8 year old has this and loves it! not only does he create the objects that are suggested by Zoob, he creates his own. He only has a small kit, so I'd like to get him more & more to enhance his creativity.

Our Zoob set is about a year old and has survived pretty well. Only a couple of pieces have their ends broken which is pretty good going considering they're being manhandled by a rough & tumble boy.

Value for Money
Age Range
sweetpea   Review #4971 - Dated: 18th of October, 2011
  Author: sweetpea

"This is really cool" was the verdict of my Miss Four. Although the age range on this is age six plus this is totally suitable for ages three and up. Probably best to keep younger children away from it due to the size of the parts (as recommended on the box).

Miss Five and Miss Six who came to play weren't interested in the ZOOB but they are more into girlie stuff. This would however be loved by boys so will have it on hand for when they come to play.

Miss Three and Four were not at all interested in trying to follow the instructions and came up with a heap of their own creations. Miss Four loved all the different shapes she could make and Miss Three made a car, a person and some random ZOOB creatures. I was pretty impressed at how easily Miss Three was able to construct with this and how engrossed she was. I think this may have tapped into a construction "window"! I am rapt that we have a product that is so versatile that anything a child imagines can be created. I also love that the pieces rotate so you can make cars and crazy monsters etc.

They also had a counting and colour matching game going on.....

I think it is probably impossible to break the pieces. They seem incredibly durable. The pieces snap together and unsnap easily without affecting the durability of the ZOOB creatures that you create.

I think this is definitely something that we will be wanting to add to so will be looking out for the different size kits available. Fantastic to have a product that so far appears to be almost unbreakable.

My only complaint is that it comes in a fantastic cardboard box but once the plastic packaging has been removed the box does not seal so the pieces will fall out when storing.... Aside from this, the ZOOB gets top marks from this very happy household!!

With Christmas approaching this is definitely a great option to keep kids from age 3 up amused for quite some time!

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