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  ProdID: 3066 - Chop Chop! Chicken - Shredded with ChilliBrand:Chop Chop! Product Score: 9.4 
Chop Chop! Chicken - Shredded with Chilli

Price : $1.79 for 85g can
Supplier :
Available : at local supermarkets

Premium chicken breast, shredded and mixed with a delightful light mayonnaise and chilli sauce.

    •  Premium cooked chicken breast
    •  Cage free, sustainably farmed chickens
    •  Gluten free
    •  Halal certified
Value for Money
Personal Choice
Missvicqui   Review #4994 - Dated: 27th of October, 2011
  Author: Missvicqui


This one gave my taste buds a good kick, not enough to put me off though. YUM!

I stirred this through a little pasta and added some cheese and tomato making the perfect wee salad.

I didn't share this one, I was quite greedy :)

Once again lovely and soft and very easy to eat

Value for Money
Personal Choice
NZGeekGirl   Review #4898 - Dated: 18th of September, 2011
  Author: NZGeekGirl

This was probably the only flavour I was a little wary on, chilli can go either way with me, either a wonderful spicy kick or something that makes me want to gargle bleach afterwards.

This is divine! It has a wonderful spicy kick, to my tastebuds, enough to give a wonderful zing but not overpowering or so spicy it makes a persons eyes water.

With the lite mayo it fits in great for healthy eating junkies (or us wanna be's!) and is fabulously moist and fresh.

As with the other shredded flavours I found that a can easily did two sandwiches. Ok well it would have had I not eaten one sandwich and just scoffed the rest straight from the can.

This will be one I'll add to the pantry for sushi and sandwiches. Thumbs up from me!

Value for Money
Personal Choice
crackerjack   Review #4894 - Dated: 17th of September, 2011
  Author: crackerjack

Now here is a flavour I could really sink my tastebuds into. A rish, zingy spice without being overpowering, this one was irresistible. I wanted to use this on the party snacks, but after a single taste it had no hope of surviving that long. ^;)

The second flavour to disappear during my breakfast, this was wonderful with cheese and sliced tomato on toasted pita bread wedges, with a dash of good, real NZ butter inside. A rich scent wafted off it, ensuring a full flavour as I bit down. (Did you know that smell accounts for much of the sensation of "flavour" you get when eating? Which is why you should always be careful not to grab a raw onion when you have a cold.)

I did remember to snap out of the drooling trance before it was all gone, to try some variations; tomato/cheese, cheese alone, steamed rice, on rice cake, and finally the last tiny morsel on a baked cracker. All were wonderful, and really made me regret not having the time to bolt to the supermarket for more, as I know this would have been a hit at the party.

In summary: I already have a stack of the larger cans in the pantry, and it's firmly on the permanent list for the foreseeable future.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
Tucker   Review #4866 - Dated: 15th of September, 2011
  Author: Tucker

My second-favourite from the range, the Chilli just really tweaked my tastebuds! This one was easy to try... again, a serving on toast was great to eat just as-is. However, this one also got tried on crackers with a bit of cheddar cheese and a slice of tomato, and made for an amazing snack that I was quite happy to serve to guests. Well, would have been happy to, if it didn't mean they were scoffing MY tasty treat! ^lol

This flavour has a nice sharpness to it that isn't so powerful as to scorch the average 'bland Kiwi tastebud' but still be a little snazzier than the [link^3068^Sweet Chilli variety^link] that I also tried. Because this version is shredded, it was very nice when mixed into some freshly cooked pasta, and served with a salad on the side.

Overall, I think I could eat a good 2-3 cans of this a day without hassle, if my wallet and waistline would allow me to... alas, neither will, more's the pity. However, this IS quite a healthy option - not amazingly so, but you can rest assure there are far worse out there that look healthy. Be sure to experiment with this - you are sure to some up with some great way to try them. Stuff vol-au-vents with it, try using it in tortellini, that kind of thing.

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