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  ProdID: 2872 - Mary Queen of Scots and her Hopeless HusbandsWritten by:Margaret Simpson Product Score: 6.8 
Mary Queen of Scots and her Hopeless Husbands

Price : $15.50
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Available : March 2011

Everybody knows Mary Queen of Scots had terrible taste in husbands and was kept prisoner by her cousin, Elizabeth the First.

But did you know that Mary plotted to kill Liz, and that it took Liz 19 years to give Mary the chop?

Everything you ever wanted to know about the queen with the cruel Cousin.

Horribly funny - Horribly gripping - Horribly famous.
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emahlyn   Review #4457 - Dated: 5th of May, 2011
  Author: emahlyn

I didn't really enjoy this book, found it kind of gross. But I think that is the point, after all they are called "horribly famous". In saying that I wouldn't be willing to let my young children read this, maybe suitable for a pre-teen.

The story has a lot of gore, rotting and even beheading although it has some interesting facts about Mary, Queen of Scotland. This book also has cartoons and written letters inside which i think makes it more appealing to the younger readers.

I do think this book is a clever way of teaching children about history as they are learning about things that really happened and how tough times were. Making them appreciate the world we live in today.

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