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  ProdID: 2593 - The Snake Book - Slip Sliding AwayWritten byDamian Goodall Product Score: 9.1 
The Snake Book - Slip Sliding Away

Price : $21.99
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Available : May 2010

Snakes are part of an extraordinary group of cold-blooded creatures called Reptiles. Over time their bodies have adapted to help them survive.

This fascinating exploration of this diverse species is packed with full-colour images, information, and links to further reading and resources, so that you can better understand this often misunderstood citizen that shares this planet with us.
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black-kat   Review #3862 - Dated: 9th of July, 2010
  Author: black-kat

I have a son who is right into his creepy crawlies and when I saw this book I immediately thought of him. He has an incredible memory for fact and and reading through this book I knew it was perfect for him. It has information on many of the worlds most amazing snakes and the full colour pictures are just brilliant.

Upon my reading through of it I discovered many wonderful new facts that I never knew before about these beautiful and misjudged creatures. For those of you who suffer from Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) or even Herpetophobia (fear of reptiles) probably not a good idea to read this by yourself as the picture contained within are very high quality and really very lifelike.

This book covers the full gambit of snakes from the small harmless Thread Snake all the way through to the biggest snake (the Anaconda). This is an incredible book and is well written for anyone over the age of 7 to read and understand.

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Ease of Use
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random-dude1130   Review #3815 - Dated: 3rd of June, 2010
  Author: random-dude1130

this is an interesting book but i would aim it at an intermediate age.

but altogether is still an interesting book and would recommend as a good buy.

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