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  ProdID: 2567 - McCashins 2007 Central Otago Pinot NoirBrewed / Bottled byMcCashin's Brewery Product Score: 8.0 
McCashins 2007 Central Otago Pinot Noir

Price : $25.00
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McCashin's range of quality wines is elegant, fruity and very drinkable - made using only the finest grapes specially handpicked for their perfect ripeness and strong characteristics.

Every bottle has been crafted to maximise the unique flavours in the fruit. McCashin's Estate is an award-winning brand bringing you another fantastic range of wine to be enjoyed on its own or with food.
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Tucker   Review #3833 - Dated: 12th of June, 2010
  Author: Tucker

I have never been much of a red wine drinker... a bad experience early in my wine-life put me off and it has taken many years to overcome that prejudice. Wines like this do a lot to assist in that regard.

The official blurb on the label states that this wine "... has deep colour and a boquet of ripe dark fruits, these being both bramble and cherry in character and a hint of forest floor and licorice. The palate is full of ripe Cherry - both red and black cherries - and a subtle hint of spice. The taste is full and complex with soft, supple tannins and a long sweet fruit finish. The oak is balanced and compliments this fruit driven wine."

As something of a 'far-from-knowledgeable- wine drinker, this means pretty much nothing in language I understand. Wink Icon

So, my "layman's translation" goes like this... A nice smooth red, this has a smooth, tannin'esque after-taste that leaves the tongue feeling clean and dry... which sounds a little strange, but after a sip you'll understand. It has a rich, deep taste that reminds me of traditional Italian food on a summer evening, as it goes well with tomato and beef dishes, with plenty of herbs. (I confirmed this by having it with a freshly made spag bol, using a few dashes of this wine in the sauce, and a half-glass on the side to sip throughout. It just fit so well, it was a great match.)

There are definite hints of complex fruit tastes throughout, but berry is the leader and though I would be hard pressed to detect any 'cherry' I got definite hints of darker berries and some strong oak tang.

Overall, I think it's a very nice red wine, and when in the mood for it, this is certainly a worthwhile one of reach for. It is delightful when used in cooking. It bring a rich aroma and a traditional taste to any Italian style meal, either as an ingredient or as an accompaniment, and does wonders for any beef marinade. I wouldn't class it as a 'favourite' wine for me - since it's a red - but it certainly sits very high up my list of 'reds I am happy to drink when the mood strikes'.

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