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  ProdID: 2411 - Hi-5 : Santa Claus is Coming!Type of Show: Children's Entertainment Product Score: 9.8 
Hi-5 : Santa Claus is Coming!

Price : $19.99
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Available : December 2009

Hi-5 head off on a holiday adventure in a world of playful toys, irresistable fairytales and exciting stories. Even Santa can't help but drop by for a visit!

Enjoy Christmas and the holidays in a world of imagination with Hi-5
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bronnie   Review #3496 - Dated: 18th of December, 2009
  Author: bronnie

Hi-5 Santa Claus is coming is a fun and energetic 70 odd minutes. My 3 year old absolutely went nuts over it. It has topped all other of her dvd's. Especially before Christmas as it added to her hype. Sometimes i'd have to give in and put it on 2or 3 times in one day.

The tunes are catchy and the storyline is appealling to all ages. From Christmas time to being in outer space and to turning into Grandad's childhood toys.

Everytime i get a Hi-5 dvd the cast seems to be different. Does that mean that the group can't stay together? Either way, this group of 5 is better than the last group. But definitely not as good as the originals. Lets hope this lot can stay together.

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