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  ProdID: 2311 - Hi-5 : Fun with FriendsType of Show: Children's Series Product Score: 8.6 
Hi-5 : Fun with Friends

Price : $19.99
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Available : October 2009

A brand new cast join Hi-5 for their 10th Anniversary. Come and join the party with your brand new Hi-5 friends!

It's fun, fun, fun all the way kicking off with a brand new song Zoo Party! Monkey around with the gang on some unforgettable adventures that will have you laughing and dancing!

You couldn't find more fun with friends than right here with Hi-5!
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craftmadhermit   Review #3283 - Dated: 15th of October, 2009
  Author: craftmadhermit

Hmm, a whole new "Hi-5"... my first thought was how would they compare to the original cast? It seemed as if this new group were more acting the "characters" of the last cast, than just being themselves... which led to it feeling more cheesey than usual, and a little on the bland side. The previous cast definitely seemed more relaxed and natural with their performances. However, this team definitely still had the "essence" of the original Hi-5... bright and colourful with bouncy music and dance moves that make the littlies want to join in, plus the very energetic activities that are perfect for the full on, active toddlers and pre-schoolers that have always been found in the audiences of the Hi-5 shows.
My now 9 year old son loved the old Hi-5 when he was little, and now the new Hi-5 has captured the interest of my 16 month old... so despite a cast that seems to be trying too hard, this fun, energetic, colourful kids show definitely still has what it takes!!

Actors / Animation
Personal Choice
nerdalert1101   Review #3282 - Dated: 15th of October, 2009
  Author: nerdalert1101

Roadshow Entertainment brings you Hi-5, where five young friends get together and have fun. Story-telling, word-play, shapes, music, mystery and even fitness tips; itís all fun, fun, fun with Hi-5. I think the new crew (Lauren, Casey, Fely, Tim and Stevie) are cool in an all new way; the old crew (Kellie, Kathleen, Charli, Tim and Nathan) were okay, but these guys are twice as good, and have doubled the fun. My 16-month-old brother thinks itís great, 'cause when I put Hi-5 on, his eyes are glued to the screen half the time, and I enjoy it too. My favourite characters are Tim and Stevie because Tim loves music and plays cool songs and Stevie loves shapes and I love his creativity. At first I was not enjoying myself because I was used to the old team too much, but soon enough I got used to the new team and saw the fun in them. I liked the new songs, which are Spin Me Around, Zoo Party and Knock, Knock, Knock, because they sound nice and have rhythms that are as clear as water. This DVD is magnificent, and it is okay for kids from 1-year-olds to 9-year-olds. The crew were really funny, and they did what they did as though they were born to be on Hi-5, and they got a bit too childish sometimes, but thatís okay since the show is designed for young kids. Sit back kids and enjoy yourselves, because itís time to explore with Hi-5.

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