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  ProdID: 2263 - Microfibre Super MittBrand / Manufactured by:ADMAN Product Score: 9.0 
Microfibre Super Mitt

Price : $9.99
Supplier :
Available : at The Warehouse and Mitre 10 Mega stores

Dust, clean, polish and shine your house with the Microfibre Super Mitt! Once you team up with the Microfibre Super Mitt you'll wonder how you ever tackled your cleaning chores alone!

    •  Comfortable and snug on your hand, fits either hand.
    •  The shape of the Mitt and the long ultra-absorbent fibres are designed for easy cleaning in corners and hard to reach areas.
    •  Amazingly can be used either DRY or DAMP.
    •  When DRY, the fibres will clean more effectively than traditional cloths because static charge from the woven shaped fibres attract the dust.
    •  When DAMP, the fibres use capillary action to attract dirt and water; meaning it's like a magnet for dust, dirt and liquids.
    •  The Micofibre Super Mitt is perfect for dusting in the house, cleaning the car interior, polishing the silverware, making your windows sparkle like new, or buffing the cars' bodywork to a dazzling shine
Value for Money
Personal Choice
rincewind   Review #3353 - Dated: 30th of October, 2009
  Author: rincewind

When I first read the blurb for this I thought I was reading a Tui ad, but being as curious as I am (and also highly skeptical) I decided I would give ti a test anyway, so off I went to my kids room which was a complete disaster area (and what kids room isn't?) I found a bookshelf that hadn't been dusted since the last clean up and ran the mitt over it, well you could have knocked me down with a feather duster. The shelf came out clean and I mean really clean after only one wipe.

While I was thinking what to do for the next test one of my kids accidentally spilled some drink, so off I ran with the mitt on hand and ran it over the spillage, and wow it soaked it all up. Call me impressed.

This is a great tool and I will be using this more around the house.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
bronnie   Review #3344 - Dated: 27th of October, 2009
  Author: bronnie

The Super Mitt is as it says - ultra-absorbent. When dry the mitt attracts dust like i have never seen before, and when wet, it is one swipe and the dirt is gone - WHAM just like that. I found the mitt a great companion when dusting windowsills and also cleaning in the bathroom, great for the bath and basins.

I found when wet the mitt sits very heavy on the hand bordering on uncomfortable. I also thought the elastic that goes around the wrist wasn't tight enough to keep the right grip, so i feel there may be a need to do different sizes maybe one for men one for women or just small to large.

This product at the moment isn't quite right for me, but it may be in the future.

Value for Money
Personal Choice
vivid   Review #3260 - Dated: 12th of October, 2009
  Author: vivid

Never been a fan of gloves of any kind. My hands are bad enough now without having sensation and tactile feedback dampened by fabric, but I did agree to give this a test run, so onwards I went.
Finding a place that needed dusting in the house was asking too much so I had to go out to the workshop and make a bit of dust thanks to the grinder, belt sander and handsaw. Sure enough, after putting together a small set of bookshelves for the spare room there was plenty to test with. A quick huff from the air compressor spread it out enough that it could be called 'dust' if you were willing to stretch the definition a little. Then, on with the mitt.
Waving it around the mess at first seemed only to push the dust around but as soon as I pulled my hand away it was plain to see that though a small amount of dust had built up at the leading edge there was way too much missing off the shelf to account for it. The mitt had sucked up the dust like it was water!
Thinking it would be interesting to see the results, I got the mitt damp at the outdoor tap and had another swipe down another now-dusted benchtop and the results were even more impressive with all the dust it contacted being grabbed as though by a magnet. Utterly impressed I was.
So I really went all out and dumped about 100ml of water on the bench and had a swipe with the mit. Sure enough that lot got slurped up like a thickshake in the middle of summer. Not a drop left at the end of the test. OK time to test it out big time.
Heading out to the clapped out fogie-mobile parked out back I grabbed a can of spray-on car bodywash. Not my usual stuff, was a gift that never got used before now, but I thought it worth a try on the old dunger. Sure enough, spray on, wipe around, polish off. All with the same mitt. I tell ya, by now I was getting worried this was a prank or something. This mitt seemed able to do it all.
All in all, this is one serious mitt. It may look silly, and I found the elastic wrist band a bit too tight for my comfort, but its effectiveness can not be ignored. If you dont have one, you should!

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