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  ProdID: 225 - Tank EnergiserPurchased fromTANK Juice Bar Product Score: 9.0 
Tank Energiser

Price : $3.95
Supplier :
Available : for a limited time

A tasty, healthy, 98% Fat Free smoothie with all the goodness of:
    •  Apricot
    •  Orange
    •  Passionfruit
    •  Banana
    •  Orange Sorbet
    •  Multi-Vitamin Shot
samantha203   Review #9456 - Dated: 30th of August, 2013
  Author: samantha203

I love Tank Juice and will treat myself to one every now and again. There is a store located at Fraser Cove in Tauranga so when I go to the Warehouse it is so tempting for me to stop and get a juice hit. They are a little bit more expensive than bottled juice but so worth the extra money.

The Energiser isn't my favourite drink as I am not much of a fan of banana but I do still like this drink as the banana isn't too overpowering. I love the combination in this drink with the orange and passionfruit as it is such a fruity refreshing flavour and has that definite citrus tang to it. Would definitely recommend this on a hot summers day as it is so icy cold and refreshing and gives you a real burst of energy.

kymmage   Review #5367 - Dated: 4th of February, 2012
  Author: kymmage

I work fairly close to a Tank store. Some days you just feel like something yummy, healthy, yet still filling. A smoothie can really hit the spot for me. I'm the sort of person who likes to try something different every time, so I have had my fair share of smoothies from these guys.

What I love the best about Tank, is watching them make my smoothie with all fresh fruit and ingredients. The Tank Energiser is no exception. Yummy fruit flavours, a banana for taste and to help you feel full afterwards. Orange sorbet because, who needs a reason really - it's delicious! A plus is that its dairy free if you are trying to avoid milk or yogurt. And a multi-vitamin shot, which is great if you have forgotten to take your vitamins for the day.

And the taste itself? So fresh, fruity and cold. This is a really tasty treat. The cost can be a little on the high side, but I don't do it every day. Making it a me-time treat indeed.

mistletoe   Review #3547 - Dated: 10th of February, 2010
  Author: mistletoe

I absolutely adore any kind of smoothie, and "TANK" smoothies are no exception, they are absolutely fantastic, the shots you can add to them for good health are great too.

They are rather filling which is great and I don't miss an opportunity to grab one :)

Tucker   Review #231 - Dated: 8th of May, 2004
  Author: Tucker

I am not usually one for smoothies, as I am far from being a fan of yoghurt products. But, with each new day something new must be tried or it gets stale, eh. So when I had a chance to try a smoothie, I thought of this one because it caught my attention pretty quickly.

First sip... banana. Youghurt? Nope. OK, second slurp... tasty, smooth... not at all bad...

Half a cup later I was starting to notice something... I was feeling quite full too! A filling, healthy, TASTY shake-thing... wonders never cease!

Overall, very impressive. I was so full, I couldn't finish it! In fact TWO other people were needed to slurp it all down, and even then we ended up biffing the last few tablespoons, not because we wanted to, but because it was 2 days later! Now that's a long-lasting smoothie indeed! And this was only one from a range of 23 Smoothies and 17 Juices.

This price is a special price, so you will end up paying a bit more, but it's still worth every cent!

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