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  ProdID: 2118 - Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus 6Created byPC Tools Product Score: 9.0 
Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus 6

Price : $75.00 +/-
Supplier :
Available : via the website

Spyware Doctor with Antivirus is designed with the general consumer in mind to provide sophisticated real-time protection and on-demand scanning against all types of Spyware and Adware threats.

Spyware Doctor is an easy to use standalone security solution with set & forget functionality, with minimal user interaction is required. It won't ask the user questions they won't know the answer to, and strives to minimize the amount of alerts displayed - Spyware Doctor's advanced IntelliGuard technology only alerts users on a true Spyware detection. Spyware Doctor has been enhanced to improve detection effectiveness against threat variants and to provide swifter clean up of heavily infected computers while continuing to use minimal system resources. Web exploit protection is offered through the Browser defender optional add-on. Spyware Doctor includes an added layer of protection, our unique behavioural-based protection - 'Behaviour Guard', built on the technology from our ThreatFire product - which has received a 100% detection rate & no false positives. Behaviour-based technology is the most comprehensive form of security protection - our subscribers get this feature free & included as part of their protection.

    •  Better protection, better scanner, less impact with Sliding Signature technology*
    •  Password protection to safeguard from exposure
    •  No interruptions in full screen mode
    •  Enhanced user experience
    •  Add-ons available to subscribers
    •  Comprehensive Malware Protection
    •  Constant Real-time Protection
    •  Advanced Detection and Removal Technology
    •  Protection against zero-day threats - Behavioral Heuristic Detection
    •  Advanced Rootkit Detection
    •  Works silently in the background with low CPU usage
    •  Automatic and silent Smart Updates

* Sliding signatures are a PC Tools technology with the ability to detect threats known to frequently modify or morph. They are designed to find the common patterns within these types of deceptive morphing threats and promptly alert Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus.

Website: www.pctools.com/spyware-doctor-antivirus/
Personal Choice
Tucker   Review #3030 - Dated: 16th of June, 2009
  Author: Tucker

Installation is simple and fast, with minimal user action required. First scan is fast, then downloads need to be dealt with.

In the 'free' mode, scanning is allowed with most options available, but advanced options and infection removal is available only to paid versions. Great to see if there is a problem to be dealt with by other means, or to determine if the investment of around $70 is required. At this price, it is half the price of some big-name competitors.

SpyDoc performed very detailed scans on all IE and Firefox browser objects, helpers, temp files and caches... except it utterly ignored Opera installed on test machine.

Intelli-Scan is a basic scan in name only. it still uses some very heavy-duty tools but it sticks to statistically high-risk areas. For ultimate checking and protection a daily 'Full Scan' is recommended during downtime, with a series of regular "Intelli-Scans" scheduled for low-traffic times.

Rootkits are a nightmare, and certain rootkits are almost undetectable. Our test machine had a suspected rootkit that was *only* detectable by one competing product, while *8* other major anti-malware applications breezed right past it. In the end, it was safer for us to wipe and reinstall the machine than risk a rootkit running rampant through the network. However, all other minor infections and most major infections were detected and dealt with in short order, including one that we weren't expecting.

SpyDoc detected 2 false-positives, however further investigation revealed the files detected used a naming convention once used by an old trojan virus. That naming system now appears to have been co-opted by a legitimate application for hiding non-executing code (config and rego files) away from prying user eyes. Once they were informed, PC Tools tech team had an update out that fixed the problem within a few hours. Pretty horrendous file-size at 1.2meg, but amazingly efficient reaction and service!

A full detailed scan of a 487gb system, comprised of a full Windows O/S install and a wide range of assorted applications and data filetypes took 6.5 hours. Equivalent to about 1.25gb per minute. Pretty zippy, though grud help those with multi-terabyte systems.

Overall, though the benefits to a home user are limited if they don't pay, corporate users would be smart to investigate at least, invest at best.

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