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  ProdID: 1652 - PHP 5 for DummiesWritten byJanet Valade Product Score: 9.8 
PHP 5 for Dummies

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Discover arrays of variables, start writing scripts, and get object oriented

The script calls for an interactive Web site - where do you start? Right here, with a fast and friendly way to get the hang of PHP 5 programming! You'll also discover all the cool things you can do with PHP, like managing files, interacting with databases, using system commands, and more.

Janet Valade is a Web designer, programmer, and systems analyst with more than 20 years of computer experience. She has presented seminars and papers on numerous techincal topics.
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rincewind   Review #2298 - Dated: 28th of November, 2007
  Author: rincewind

Having dabbled a bit in programming back in High School I decided a wee while ago to try my hand at Web site design/development. I got the hang of HTML pretty easily as there are many tutorials out there as well as the superb W3Schools site, so I was able to get some okay looking but basic static sites done, but that wasn't enough, I wanted to go full on dynamic, however seeing as I have absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever I decided to not go the Macromedia Flash route and settled on PHP. That was easier said than done, whilst I had done some programing in the past it was so long ago that I had either forgotten most of what I learnt or it was completely out of date anyway (the more likely scenario). So when I was offered this book I leapt at the chance.

Upon first opening the book I noticed immediately that it was structured perfectly for a person learning PHP for the first time. It started off with a good intoduction to the PHP language and then moved onto the obligatory "Hello World" script/program and then onto the like of variables, data and arrays. It then moved steadily into the more advanced stuff.

This book was so easy to read and understand that within a few hours I had a basic looking page that accessed data from a text file located with the website. My next project is to gain access to a Webserver with PHP and MySQL and try my hand at a database script, which with this books help I feel will be very easy indeed.

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