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  ProdID: 1434 - Otterbox 3500Brand:Otterbox Product Score: 9.3 
Otterbox 3500

Price : $74.99
Supplier :
Available : at selected retailers

Waterproof, crushproof and they float. Protect valuables from the elements.

A great "carry-all" case that is perfect for protecting GPS units, camera's, small video cameras and keeping your ammo dry during hunting season.

OtterBox is the world leader in water-proof protection. You'll see why our slogan is "Never Out of Its Element."

For retailers in New Zealand, see: www.myotterbox.com/index.cfm and select New Zealand in the World Wide Partners searchbox.
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testbot   Review #1979 - Dated: 24th of June, 2007
  Author: testbot

OK so its not the most stylish box out there, but who cares about style when you buy things like this for their durabilty and functional use? While testing the laptop case I found this really handy for holding the power adaptor and some cables, since they wouldnt fit into the laptop case because I was shoe-horning a 17" laptop into the space designed to hold a 15" one. (You only find limits by pushing them.) I figured a way to use the natural bouyancy of this box to help keep my laptop afloat if it fell overboard on a boat trip but this box has many more uses than just a spare floatation device. After unpacking all of the laptop gear, since I wasnt going to be keeping the laptop case, I thought about what other uses this could be put to on my boat and decided its best use would be either as a waterproof lunchbox or as a floating first-aid box. In the end I decided on the second one. So I started to see how much I could cram into it. A couple of boxes of bandaids for fishing hook accidents, some bepanthen cream for sunburn, blisters and ropeburn, some needles and thread for the more serious cuts, some medicinal alcohol swabs for sterilising things, some triangular and rolled bandages, some batteries to fit the little emergency blinker light that I screwed to the top of the box (Drilled a small hole in the lid, applied a generous splodge of silcone sealant around the hole on the inside and the top of it, and screwed up through the lid and into the base of the light. Still watertight to a depth of 2m once it set.) Easy to open and close, but a tight seal with the O-ring design made this the perfect unit for any boatie. Available in a wide range of sizes, this was the biggest apparently, with an internal cavity 20cm x 10cm x 9cm give or take a few millimetres. I was really impressed that it came with foam padded lining suitable for a bit of added protection but if you plan to pack anything that might not live through a knock you might want to beef up the padding with some good old bubble-wrap rolled up around your items. No point with what I am using it for though. Last time I checked, bandages dont bruise. LOL Icon If you need to take gear out into wet, dirty, muddy or dusty areas then one of these would be a very smart option for you. Could easily save you a hefty insurance claim if used right.

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