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  ProdID: 1408 - 10-Model Building SetsManufactured byK'Nex Product Score: 9.0 
10-Model Building Sets

Price : $29.99
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Available : at quality toy retailers

You can build at least 10 different pre-designed models from these kits. With clear and concise instructions for 6 of them, and diagrams of more, let your imagination run wild.

There are over 150 parts in each kit, including pieces that will let you add the features from other leading building brick sets.

Watch out for the other 10-model and 20-model sets in this series.
Value for Money
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nerdalert1101   Review #2139 - Dated: 25th of August, 2007
  Author: nerdalert1101

They are a bit breakable, but they were fine. The K'nex were interesting and fun to build things that are actually in the world. I would also build things that were in my imagination, or that used to live, like dinosaurs.
I would like to see pieces with more colours, like violet. I liked that there were small parts and big parts so I could build big-boy things.

Value for Money
Age Range
Tucker   Review #1939 - Dated: 27th of May, 2007
  Author: Tucker

WOW! Finally, the missing link between possibly the two greatest construction kits on the market. About time! K'Nex has always been about rods and connectors, and Lego has always been about blocks that clip together... now at last we have a set that crosses the boundaries and allows you to utilise BOTH kits on the same model.

I didn't know what to expect when I opened the seriously cool little toolkit-style box, but after tipping out all of the pieces and giving them a serious looking-over I could immediately see many great possibilities. Not only are the standard-sized K'Nex connectors and rods present, but also mini-sized versions, and plenty of connector rods that have standard fittings at one end, and mini at the other. It was also very clear that not only were there fairly-standard-looking Lego-style blocks, but also little clip-on pieces that allow you to attach Lego-style blocks to the spoked wheel connectors from the K'Nex sets... the possibilities are unlimited!

I immediately set forth to build the 'advanced' 3-star rated model featured on the front of the "Fun Rides" box (the red box in the image above) which was very easy to understand with the clear step-by-step instructions so essential for kids. After that, it was PLAYTIME with my young son. Grin Icon He quickly grabbed a couple of small Lego kits and started meshing them into the K'Nex and pretty soon had build some seriously funky spaceships, which got pulled apart almost as quickly, and converted into a huge moonbuggy, which then got recycled into a futuristic battletank, which got stripped down and... well, you get the idea...

I have, somewhere, some older K'Nex sets, and this has just enthused me to dig them out at the next storage-sorting session due in a few weeks. YAY! About time I unpacked them, now that my son is learning to assemble some quite complex models on his own. He's graduated to self-sufficient now, and this could be a great next-step for him to explore... or for us to explore together.

Overall, a real winner, who's day has certainly come. My son and I will most assuredly be playing with this for a long time to come, especially with the new cross-over blocks! An excellent set, K'Nex! My only gripe is that some of the mini-scale pieces are a bit brittle, as we have already managed to bend a comple of the smaller rods trying to get them to click into place. Not broken yet, but getting there...

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