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  ProdID: 1255 - Garfield 2 : A Tale of Two KittiesDirected byTim Hill Product Score: 7.6 
Garfield 2 : A Tale of Two Kitties

Price : $29.99
Supplier :
Available : December 2006

Too much of a good thing is even better.

It's a British invasion of a different kind when Garfield (Murray), along with pals Jon (Meyer) and Odie, travels to London and meets his mirror-image in Prince, an aristocratic kitty who has inherited a fabulous castle. The two trade places, and soon Garfield is living large. There's just one problem: the dastardly Lord Dargis wants him out of the picture.

DVD Special features:
    •  The Nine Lives Of Garfield
    •  Three Drawing With Jim Davis Segments
    •  Pen & Ink: Creating A Garfield Comic Strip
    •  Exclusive Garfield Comic Strip
    •  Working With Hot Dogs & Cool Kitties
    •  On The Town With Garfield
    •  "Come And Get It" Music Video
    •  Two Set Top Games - 1) Garfield Maze Game. 2) Odie's Photo Album Game
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mizim   Review #13458 - Dated: 29th of January, 2015
  Author: mizim

I had watched the first Garfield movie and even though I hadn't loved it I figured that I would still buy this one, when on special, as I do with any movie that is part of a series and as it was rather cheap I nabbed it when it only cost me around five dollars so added it to our collection. I enjoy this film more than the first as this felt a little more like what I would expect from Garfield than the previous, though this film puts a twist on the Prince and the Pauper story of old.

I found this to be a better story than the last and I do like Billy Conolly quite a bit so I was happy to see him in the role of bad guy and he did a decent enough job in his role. The animation was OK, only needed on Garfield and his 'prince' alternative but there were still a couple of moments when it was easy to tell it was CGI. The animals are wonderful in this, there is a nice little range of animals and you can see that they have all been trained very well. Whilst I did enjoy this more than the previous film I didn't love it enough to want to see it too often.

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samantha203   Review #8547 - Dated: 21st of May, 2013
  Author: samantha203

I really loved the first garfield movie to be released and although I enjoyed this one it wasn't as good as the first installment. This one still had plenty of laughable moments though as Garfield swaps places with a royal cat and lives it up with everything a cat like Garfield could need.

He gets all the food he wants and a huge bed to sleep on. Meanwhile Prince goes to live Garfields live and has his first taste of Lasagna. Garfield soon discovers that Lord Dargis wants him/Prince out of the picture so he can inherit the estate himself so must dodge his attempts to get rid of him and try everything he can to expose the truth about Lord Dargis to instead get him out of the picture.

There were a few laughable moments in the movie but overall it lacked the humour that the first movie had and it didn't really have much of a storyline. I wouldn't really rush to watch it again but my Daughter has the movie and she loves it and watches it from time to time.

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kymmage   Review #5608 - Dated: 7th of April, 2012
  Author: kymmage

I managed to catch this movie one day while staying with a friend. I missed the first Garfield movie. And to be fair I hadn't been really keen on this one either. Something about computer animation mixed with real actors just stops me being able to suspend my disbelief.

This movie was really good though, beyond my expectations. I mean there were bits that made me groan. But overall, the storyline was pretty funny. I loved some of the animal scenes in particular. They really made me laugh out loud.

The voice acting was pretty star-studded as well. Bill Murray always has good timing. Tim Curry is a riot. Jane Horrocks, who I love in Ab Fab. I'd definitely watch this movie again. My daughter would love it too, as she is animal mad. The idea of talking animals doesn't phase her at all.

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vivid   Review #1698 - Dated: 8th of January, 2007
  Author: vivid

I have always laughed hard at Billy Connolly so it was great to see him playing an upper crust stuffed shirt with dreams of greatness. The man is a genius when it comes to 'rough humour' but its been a while since I saw him in a movie. I was also laughing myself silly listening to Tim Curry doing the voice of Prince. Problem was that he sounded almsot EXACTLY like Nigel Thornberry which makes things a little hard to focus on when all I could see in my head was a strange gimpy man with bad dress sense instead of the cat it was supposed to be. LOL Icon The storyline was funny but a bit different from the 'normal' Garfield plots. This wasnt really a bad thing but did take a little getting used to. I thought it was a great movie in most areas and one that will probably give the adults as good a laugh as the kids and will provide almost an hour and a half of laughter. Well worth buying especially since its below average rates.

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