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  ProdID: 120 - Hubbards Cocoa CornflakesProduced byHubbards Foods Ltd Product Score: 8.5 
Hubbards Cocoa Cornflakes

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The goodness of Corn, with the great taste of Cocoa.

Energy! That's what our kids need, often in great helpings, to give them a kickstart into the day.

At Hubbard's we thought we could add a little more energy to the wonderful cornflake, with a light coating of cocoa syrup. The humble cornflake has been a family favourite for many years, with all the goodness of corn nurtured by the sun's golden rays.

Kids need as much energy as they can get - and they don't take long to burn it off! So to help their bodies function better, these cocoa cornflakes contain vitamins Niacin, Thiamin, Riboflavin and Folate.

Everyone looks forward to a breakfast that tastes this good. Try it with a banana. It works a treat for my taste buds, and of course nutritionally enhances my breakfast.

Go get it!

Dick Hubbard

Value for Money
Visual Appeal
Tucker   Review #117 - Dated: 25th of January, 2004
  Author: Tucker

I gotta admit, this one took me by surprise... after HOW many years, finally someone woke up to this great combination! We've had honey-coated almost-everything, they've added nuts to cornflakes, and we've had chocolate-coated you-name-it's... but at last we have something like this!

My 3-year old is a fussy breakfast eater... so for him to demand second-helpings made this one stand out of the crowd.

Another great things is the booklet in the box, KIDZboard, a nice way to keep us, the consumers, aware of what's going on with the company. It serves multiple purposes, to promote new products, educate our youth, gives a personal touch to the company image... all good stuff.

It was also good to see, and read in the KIDZboard, that Hubbards have reduced the amount of sugar in this cereal. With approx 1% fat, wheat-free, no artificial colours, B vitamins and Iron, and now reduced sugar... this has to be a great all-rounder in the breakfast cereal range.

Another thing that impressed me was the Enviromentally-Friendly nature of the packaging, an obvious reflection of Hubbard's Eco-Ethics. 80% of the packaging is recycled materials, printed with soy-based inks, and it is all 100% recyclable, meaning that very few raw materials are consumed in the production of this packaging. It's easy to see that great care has been taken, all you have to do is touch the box to know it's guilt-free. It even feels different to the non-eco-friendly versions!

Overall, I think I'll be switching to Hubbards products more! Just need to sample the range to see what sits well with my 3-year old dictator. :)

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