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  ProdID: 1188 - Fur Real Friends - 2G CatManufactured byTiger Electronics Product Score: 8.5 
Fur Real Friends - 2G Cat

Price : $99.99
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Pay some attention to this sweet electronic kitty and watch her come 'alive' with lifelike movements and sounds! She loves to play and responds to your touch when you pet her. She can lie down and sit up, open and close her eyes and move her head and ears. She'll even purr gently when she's happy. But watch out! Pull her tail, and she'll hiss! Take good care of her and give her lots of love, and you'll be best friends!

Incredibly lifelike, electronic cat really responds to you! It can even sit up and lie down, open and close its eyes, move its head and ears and hiss!

Includes 3 "C" batteries. Comes with comb and adoption certificate. Ages 4 and up.
Fun Factor
Personal Choice
tmaly   Review #1652 - Dated: 14th of December, 2006
  Author: tmaly

My six year old daughter thinks this toy is "cute and cuddly". All of her friends who have visited have also loved the FurReal and it has been carted around with them while they are playing.

It is definately life like but comes with the added bonus of not having real claws and teeth like our real cats!! It is a great alternative to real pets for little kids, I think, because the responsibility is small.

A great choice for kids who love animals. On the negative, I would hesitate to pay what its worth in the shop and the batteries dont last long if left on, which lets face it, they will be!

Fun Factor
Personal Choice
diogenes   Review #1609 - Dated: 20th of November, 2006
  Author: diogenes

This really is a realistic and lifelike cat. From the other room, it had my partner fooled when she saw the cat sit there and heard it mew, though on closer inspection she could see that it wasn't a real cat. My daughter was taken with this cat immediately and proceeded to show it the sights and sounds of South Auckland, with a trail of local kids in her wake.

The kids all took it in turn to pet this cat, get it to purr and be careful not to pull its tail to get the cat hissing. The only thing missing is the barbed extremities that are prevalent on real cats - and that is not such a bad thing either.

This cat can be hugged, loved and dragged from room to room without the slightest objection from the cat whereas a real cat would have shown its displeasure long ago by leaving red stripes on the child's arm or would have left the room for quieter moments.

If you have a child just begging for a pet, and having a live animal is just not appropriate for whatever reason then this battery operated pet is just the ticket and will satisfy the pet-hungry youngster and amuse the rest of the family.

User Comments
The perfect toy when you dont want a real pet for your child! This was probably the only reason hubby let my daughter get one, as the cost of the Fur real pets is a lot less realistic than the realness of the pet, lol. However the fact that you dont have vet bills, pets under your feet and pet food to worry about, can make the price quite worth it.

Our kids, and visitors children alike, love how real Fur real pets are. The fur is very soft and the pets move and meow and purr also.

The packaging is attractive and easy to get into and the writing on the packaging all easy to read, which is great as it seems some kids toys come with kiddy locks on the packaging sometimes, lol.

kids adore these, and if your looking for the perfect pet or present for a little girl then this is it. Our daughter got hers at 4yrs old, but we have friends whoes daughters got theirs at 6 and 7 yrs old. So age wise they are appropriate for quite a long time. I dont think they would be suitable for quite young children, I thnk the fur could become easily matted if played with my little grubby, sticky hands. We havent had that here yet though.

A very cute toy indeed.


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