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  ProdID: 1155 - Maketu Mussel PieManufactured byMaketu Pies Ltd Product Score: 7.5 
Maketu Mussel Pie

Price : $2.20 +/-
Supplier :
Available : at supermarkets

Maketu Pies, made in the Bay of Plenty, and distributed to fine food outlets, for you to enjoy.

Available in a wide variety of flavours, there's a pie for everyone.
Value for Money
wheeled thing   Review #1623 - Dated: 28th of November, 2006
  Author: wheeled thing

I wasn't really sure about this pie from the moment I saw it. Seafood is one thing, in my opinion, that has only a limited application to pastries.

The pastry came out really tastily. A nice level of flakiness without falling apart. Another high point of the pie was the sauce. There seemed to be a slight spicy taste, which was appealing. By the time I had heated the pie to a temperature I was happy with, the mussels were tough and it made the thing taste awful.

Not a pie flavour I will be going to great lengths to purchase again.

Value for Money
neoshibby   Review #1572 - Dated: 4th of November, 2006
  Author: neoshibby

I found this pie to be quite nice despite not being the world's biggest mussel fan. I was really nicely flavoured, and although I found the mussels to be a little tough for my liking they were at least chopped into bite sized pieces - that helps! My favourite parts were the pastry and the sauce.

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